What goes better with your first cigar of the morning then a rich and flavorful cup of coffee. The pairing of a cigar with coffee has been a tradition for decades, with the flavors of the coffee beans often being similar to many cigars. While infused cigar with flavors such as cherry or vanilla can seem fake, many premium cigars have natural notes of cocoa, espresso, and coffee beans. This makes them a natural companion for your morning cup, and no one knows that better then Kyle Gellis of Warped Cigars.

 Kyle understands the nuances of a good coffee and cigar pairing, and he shows this in some of his accessory and swag items. He has made several, branded coffee accessories including this amazing Warped branded mug, which we are proud to feature as our contest for this week.

 Go right now to either our Facebook page or Instagram page. When you see the picture of the mug, you need to like it, share it, tag three friends and comment. As always best comment wins so lets see what you got.

 You can shop the entire line of Warped Cigars right here at Serious Cigars.

 We have written more articles on AJ Fernandez cigars this year then any other company. When you see the amount of cigars he is making, not just for his own brand, but for other companies, it makes total sense. This time we want to focus on AJs work with heritage brands. A heritage brand, in the cigar world, is a cigar brand that originated in Cuba years ago, but has newer versions that are made outside of Cuba. Some popular examples include Montecristo, Cohiba and Hoyo de Monterrey. By working with companies such as Altadis USA and General Cigar, AJ has had the opportunity to work on several different heritage brands, a chance he said was like a dream come true.

 Working with Altadis USA, AJ blended several new cigars across their three major heritage brands. The biggest and most popular of course is Montecristo. Over the past two years AJ has put his name on a few cigars in the Montecristo line. The first was the private label Montecristo by AJ Fernandez, a bold and dark box pressed cigar. Then he added the Monte by Montecristo by AJ, a major IPCPR release that garnered riveting reviews. This year, we saw his biggest release yet with the Montecristo Nicaragua, the first new cigar to be added to the core line in years.

 Continuing his work with Altadis, AJ also added new lines to both Romeo y Julieta and H.Upmann. The Romeo San Andres is a bold, maduro cigar that was crafted with AJ and Rafael Nodal, two titans of the industry. The H.Upmann by AJ is not only one of the best H.Upmann cigars ever created, but may in fact be one of AJs best blends.

 AJ has been working with General Cigar for years, doing several private labels for him when he was first starting out. Recently, he has begun to work on some of their biggest lines, including the ever popular Hoyo de Monterrey. Working with the General team, AJ crafted the delicious Hoyo de Monterrey Amistad. This complex and a cubanesq cigar was so popular it spawned two sequels. First you had the spicy Amistad Silver, followed by the rich Amistad Black, released this year.

 AJ is recreating the cigar industry in his own image. Not only is he now one of the major producers of some of the world’s most popular cigars, each one has garnered high ratings. You can buy all of the heritage brands created by AJ Fernandez right here at serious cigars.

Drew Estate is always on the cutting edge of the cigar industry. They are innovators, creators, doers… one of the first companies to try so many different things that have now become common place. They originated the high end, premium infused cigar with their Acid line, the first infused or flavored cigars to be considered premium. While other companies had used it before, they were responsible for the surge in Connecticut Broadleaf with their Liga Privada line. They were also the first company to use tobacco from that southern state know for its fried chicken, whiskey, and smoky tobacco.

 The Kentucky Fire Cured is a bold, medium to full bodied cigar. It uses a secret mix of long filler tobaccos that include, the famed fire cured tobacco from Kentucky. It has a bold unique flavor with notes of hickory, smoke, and wood chips. That is complimented by the rich, spicy, and sweet notes from its San Andres wrapper.

 The KFC line has become a national sensation. It is one of Drew Estates most popular cigars and has spawned two sequels.  First, we had the horror themed Swamp Thing, which was split with a candela wrapper.  then this year we saw the release of the KFC Sweets, a similar blend to the original with the slightest infusion of sweetness.

You can enjoy the full KFC line and the entire Drew Estate line, right now at Serious Cigars. 

The leaves are changing and the days are getting shorter.  The wind is picking up and you have that weird mix of joy and terror.  Thats because Halloween is upon us at least.  And for cigar fans, that means one of the most sought after and popular yearly releases is on its way to retailers... the newest edition of the Tatuaje Monster Series.  

    This is the 10th Anniversary of the Monster series... with the first one being released back in 2008.  Each cigar is named after a famous movie monster including The Jason, The Freddy, and the Mummy.  This year takes its inspiration from the "lovely" soul mate to Boris Karloffs Frankenstein... it is known as the Bride.

    The Bride is a stunning medium, medium plus cigar with a unqiue blend of tobaccos.  It uses aged nicaraguan for the filler and binder, but it is the wrapper that is the true standout.  The Bride uses a Connecticut Broadleaf Rosado.  This gives it a tremendous mix of flavors including notes of rich coffee, chocolate, sweetness and a subtle yet noticeable spice.  

This is a not only a tremendous cigar, but ranks among our favorites of the entire Monster line, which happens to be our favorite line of limited cigars.  However, time is running out on these bad boys so make sure to check them out before its too late.  


Whose ready for another amazing giveaway?? Well you better be, because this week we have a very special prize from the industry leader in boutique cigars. The Crowned Heads is a very special company who has not only made outstanding general releases, but also some of the most coveted limited editions in industry. From the Las Calaveras to the Four Kicks Lancero, everyone is waiting to get their hands on a Crowned Heads cigar.

 This week, you have the chance to win this awesome, accessory set from The Crowned Heads. It includes an ashtray, a hat, a cutter, and a travel humidor, all with the Crowned Heads name! Entering our contest is incredibly simple… First go to either our Facebook or Instagram page. You need to do four simple things to enter the contest. Like our page, like the picture, share or repost the picture and leave a comment. Best comment wins.

 We hope you are enjoying our Weekly contests and we are always open to suggestions so let us know what you’d like to see and make sure to check out the entire Crowned Heads line right now at Serious cigars.

When two titans of industry come together, you know that something special is going to happen. This was certainly the case when Ashton asked My Father cigars to bring back their retired La Aroma de Cuba line. This spectacular cigar took the world by storm, and has since become a staple of humidors everywhere. Since then, the two companies have greatly expanded the line, including adding the bold Mi Amor and the smooth and creamy Edition Especial. However, if you are looking for a complex and luxurious smoke, your next cigar should be the La Aroma de Cuba Noblesse.

 Taken from the French word for nobility, the Noblesse is certainly a cigar fit for royalty. It uses aged Nicaraguan tobaccos grown on the farms of the Garcia family. It is then cloaked in a special, Ecuadorian Habano Rosado wrapper that is a perfect balance of sweet and spicy. Notes of sweet coffee, cedar, pepper combine effortlessly to form a plethora of complex, rich flavors.

 The Noblesse has some of the best construction of any cigar I’ve seen. The draw is nice and open while the burn was even all the way down. Its ash is pure white, with hardly any flaking, showing that is tobacco is of the highest quality.

 The entire La Aroma de Cuba line is perfect for a variety of profile preferences, however it is the Noblesse that checks all the boxes. It has strength, flavor, complexity, solid construction, and above all balance. Get your box of La Aroma de Cuba Noblesse today at Serious cigars.

 Who in the cigar industry has a more dedicated fan base then that of Drew Estate? They have followers all over the country who flock to their events and stock up on their newest and most limited releases. Out of their impressive inventory, the Liga Privada and the Undercrown garner the most attention from their “diplomats” and for good reason. The Liga Privada is considered one of the best full bodied cigars of all time and helped spawn the careers of two of the industry’s most prolific blenders, Nick Melillo and Steve Saka. When Liga was released to the general public, the blenders and rollers in the factory found themselves short of their favorite cigar.

 So being as innovative as they are, the factory worked to come up with a more available blend that mimics the best qualities of the Liga Privada. The result was the Undercrown, which has become one of their best-selling lines. The dark maduro cigar was so successful that it spawned two sequels, the creamy Undercrown Shade and the zesty Undercrown Sun Grown.

 A company like Drew Estate is also well known for their limited and regional releases, and the Undercrown line was no exception. Several years ago they released a special edition through the Cigar Dojo app known as the Undercrown Dogma. It quickly became one of the most sought after Drew Estate products ever created and sold out almost instantly. However, customers were clamoring for more, and the team at Drew has finally answered their prayers.

 The Undercrown Dogma is now available to the general public and we have it right here at Serious Cigars. While it may not be a special small batch release anymore, it is still limited in quantities, so if I were you I would hurry up right now and pick up your box of the Undercrown Dogma.

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