Led Zeppelin IV was released to the world in 1971. It has since been called by many as one of the finest Rock albums of all time. With hits such as “When the Levee Breaks” and “Stairway To Heaven”, this record has gone on to be on nearly every critics list of top musical recordings in history. It was recorded in the famed Headley Grange Estate. Formerly an old workhouse for the poor, Headley Grange was transformed into a private residence and then into a partial recording studio. When the blenders from The Crowned Heads were working on a new brand, they took inspiration from the famous house and named their cigar Headley Grange.

 The new Headley Grange Black Dog is an exclusive blend made by the boys at Crowned Heads. The cigar is named after another one of the hits off the legendary album. It still uses vintage Nicaraguan filler and binder, but now sports and oily black Connecticut Habano Maduro wrapper. It was rolled for Crowned Heads by the legendary blender Ernesto Perez-Carillo. It is a medium bodied blend, boasting rich tastes of dark chocolate, raisins, and a hint of leather.

 The maduro wrapper on this cigar is one of the most beautiful you will ever see. It is oily, shiny, and jet black, and its rich flavors will keep your palate wanting more and more. It is available in boxes of 20 and three different sizes: The Laguito No. 6, Estupendos, and the Dobles. Pick up the Headley Grange Black Dog Today at Serious Cigars.

AJ Fernandez has done it once again. He has taken a brand that many felt was almost dead and has revived it into one of the most talked about cigars of the year. While many felt that AJ was starting to overextend himself, his latest triumph has shown that this is far from the truth. Last year, General Cigar relinquished one of their oldest brands over to AJ and his team. The Ramon Allones is an old Cuban Heritage brand that hasn’t seen much action over the past few years. An attempted revival a few years ago did not go over as well as we had all hoped so it seemed as though this brand was on the chopping block… until AJ stepped in.

 The Ramon Allones by AJ is a beautiful medium to full bodied smoke. It is hand rolled in AJs factory using an array of rare and aged tobaccos including Corojo 99, Criollo 98, and hybrid tobaccos from Esteli. This gives it an incredibly complex core with heavy hits of spice and leather but an overall smooth aroma. The finishing touch is a flawless Ecuadorian Habano Oscuro wrapper that adds in touches of dark chocolate, dark fruit notes, cedar and a rich sweetness. The flavors transition beautifully from one to the next and the construction is as close to perfect as one can hope for.

 This cigar is among AJs highest rated ever. It was named the #25 Cigar of the Year by Cigar Aficionado and was named to the Top 25 Consensus list by Halfwheel. This double honor is a rarity, but shows just how special this cigar is. Pick up your box of the new Ramon Allones by AJ today at Serious Cigars.

When going through the rolodex of famous cigar personalities, many casual cigar smokers will not recognize the name Craig Cunningham. However, those of you who are true aficionados and are involved the community will know of him straight away. He is the man responsible for Esteban Carreras, a boutique line that has been gaining a lot of traction over the past few years. With unique and intriguing names and dynamite blends, Esteban Carreras is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with on the boutique cigar scene.

 For a smaller company, Esteban Carreras has done a fantastic job of filling their portfolio with a variety of enticing cigars. The Cross Series, as we call it, is one of his more mainstay projects and includes the zesty Black Cross and the smooth and rich Bronze Cross. While all of their cigars of of the highest quality, there are two lines that have become very recognizable and are making their way to cigar stores across the country.

 The Chupacabra really put the company on the map. This Nicaraguan puro took off like a rocket, as did its even more popular sequel, the box pressed Chupacabra Hellcat. In 2017 another new cigar brought the company to even greater heights. The Mr. Brownstone, named for the famed Guns n Roses song, is a bold and beautiful smoke with a dark broadleaf wrapper and aged filler to make it smooth, powerful, and complex.

 As of today, Esteban Carreras is not at the same notoriety level as a RoMa Craft or Tatuaje, however given a few more years and few more explosive releases, I see them being equally popular. Pick up the entire Esteban Carreras line today at Serious Cigars.

Time for another fantastic contest! After a short break after the holidays to regain our senses, the team here at Serious cigars is back at it again, bringing you some of the coolest contests and giveaways in the industry.  This week our contest is sponsored by our good friends at Oliva Cigars, one of the top manufacturers of Nicaraguan cigars in the world.  

    For those of you who are new to our contest format, lets do a quick intro.  First, follow both our instagram and Facebook page.  When you see the picture of the Oliva ashtray, you need to like it, tag three friends and comment on the picture.  Best comment wins but lets keep it clean my friends!

Let us know about any other contests or giveaways you'd like to see, here at Serious Cigars.   

 Nick Perdomo is one of the most innovative minds in the industry and a pillar of the Nicaraguan cigar community. For well over 2 decades, Nick and the Perdomo family have created some of the most popular and highest regarded cigars in the business, and he continues to use innovative techniques and modern technology to ensure his cigars are of the finest quality. While most of the Perdomo line are on the high end, premium side, Nick wished to crafted a cigar with all of the best characteristics of a Perdomo, but at a lower, everyday price. The result was the outstanding Perdomo Fresco.

 The Perdomo Fresco is a bundled cigar that is hand rolled at the esteemed Perdomo Factory in Esteli, Nicaragua. While they are each rolled with the same aged filler and binder tobaccos, they are available in three distinct wrapper varieties. For smooth and mellow you have a delicious natural wrapper, for spicy and zesty there is a stunning Sun Grown, and for the rich and robust you have a bold maduro option.

 What makes these cigars so amazing is their combination of high end premium tobaccos, but an everyday price. You can now enjoy cigars from one of the finest manufacturers in the world without hurting your wallet. Enjoy the Perdomo Fresco line today at Serious Cigars.

Macanudo has really established itself as a 21st century cigar manufacturer. Although they have been one of the best selling cigars for a few decades, the past few years we have seen Macanudo take off like never before. With the introduction of the Inspirado line, they entered into the boutique world of small batch, well-crafted cigars. Now they are taking a swing at another realm of the cigar industry, the infused cigar.

 The M by Macanudo is a high end, premium cigar that is also infused. I would not classify as just an infused cigar. It uses a wide array of premium tobaccos that normally you wouldn’t see in an infused cigar. It is hand rolled with Nicaraguan filler and binder tobaccos and is then cloaked in a rare, Indonesian Bezuki wrapper. This hard to find wrapper has a unique aroma and flavor that makes it the perfect match for this smoke. It is then infused with the flavors of premium Colombian coffee.

 Notes of coffee, cream, espresso and cocoa combine effortlessly in this rich cigar to give you all the best qualities of a high end infused cigar. Pick up your box of M by Macanudo today at Serious Cigars.

It is becoming harder for me to write these articles and not mention the name AJ Fernandez, and I’m not mad about it. He has become one of the most prolific blenders in the industry and aside from his own brands currently works with Altadis, General, Southern Draw, Caldwell, Espinosa, Foundation and others. He is incredibly versatile, creating cigars using many different wrappers and ranging from super high end to amazing daily budget smokes. One of our private projects with AJ is a terrific Nicaraguan smoke at an everyday price.

 The Nicaraguan Series is a line of Nicaraguan puro cigars hand crafted by AJ. It uses aged tobaccos from the top growing regions of the country including Esteli and Jalapa. This complex medium bodied smokes is bursting with flavor including rich notes of coffee, pepper, spice and a nice subtle sweetness. They are available boxes of 15 and are rolled into four great sizes.

 At this price, this cigar is an absolute steal. You are looking at under $100 a box, which for this cigar is insane. Pick up your box of the Nicaraguan Series by AJ Fernandez right now at Serious Cigars.

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