The cigar industry has changed considerably in the past 20 years. The number of cigar brands is higher than the Cigar Boom of the 90s, however it is sustainable. With this many options, it can be quite hard for any one company to make a tremendous impact. However, the ones that do will forever be etched in the pantheon of premium cigar gods. One of these men is the great Don Jose “Pepin” Garcia.

 A famed roller from Cuba, Pepin and his family left the island nation to bring their skills and knowledge to the American cigar market. Since then he is one of the most critically acclaimed manufacturers in the world, with his cigars being named to several top 10 lists and garnering two best cigar of the year awards. Some of his most famed lines include the My Father and My Father LE Bijou, considered by some to be one of the finest cigars ever created. His Flor de Las Antilles was named Cigar of the Year in 2012, and his work with Pete Johnson and Tatuaje has made him one of the most beloved and respected members of the cigar community.

Yet, we have to remember the cigar that started it all. The original core line of Pepin, before Tatuaje was a behemoth and before My Father was on everyone’s tongue. The first major launch for the Garcia family in Nicaragua, was the Don Pepin Blue. This Nicaraguan puro uses only the finest tobaccos from around the country, including a zesty and oily Corojo 99 wrapper. It is bold, complex, spicy and rich all at the same time.

This is the cigar that set the bar for Pepin Garcia, and he has been raising it himself ever since. Make sure to check out the Don Pepin Garcia Blue and the whole My Father line right here at serious Cigars.

The Rico family is no stranger to the tobacco business. Dating back to the 1920s, Guillermo Ricos grandfather began to grow cigar tobacco in Cuba, a tradition that has been passed down throughout the generations. Like many farmers and manufacturers, the Cuban revolution caused immense turmoil not only for the cigar industry, but the world as a whole. Today Guillermo and his son George take the practices passed on to them to bring you one of the best valued cigars in the business.

 Gran Habano cigars is a top notch Honduran manufacturer. The brand was first brought to market back in 2003, where they introduced their three core lines. For the mellow smoker they have the smooth and flavorful Connecticut #1. If you enjoy a nice medium body with a good amount of zest, they have you covered with the incredible Habano #3. Lastly, if you are in the market for something intense, bold and flavorful, the Corojo #5 is right up your alley.

 These core lines were met with critical acclaim, and made Gran Habano a staple is most cigar shops across the country. Since then the company has expanded its portfolio to include many of our new favorites, including the Gran Reserva and the Habano #5 Maduro.

 The Gran Habano are a solid choice with top quality tobacco, amazing construction and one of the best prices for a premium cigar of this caliber. Enjoy the full line of gran Habano cigars right now at Serious Cigars.

In this day and age of constant marketing and social media, it is hard for a cigar company to remain under the radar, especially when you have had a few high ratings and a Top 25 appearance. Yet, that is exactly what Regius cigars has done. Started as a European brand, Regius has gotten little ink in the States, however the times it has been mentioned, it is nothing but rave reviews. We here at Serious Cigars are thrilled to be one of the major retailers behind Regius Cigars in the US and after smoking just a few of them, you will see why.

 Regius founder Akhil Kapacee was born and raised in the UK and set out to create a unique cigar brand for the European market. As they were almost exclusively Cuban smokers, it was hard for him to replicate those flavors and experiences and to have the community try something different. That is when he shifted his focus to the American market, where we are always ready and willing to try something new and unique.

 All of the cigars from Regius are crafted at the legendary Plasencia factory in Nicaragua, so that’s a good start. While his first few lines, including the Regius Black Label did garner some buzz and acclaim, it was his Exclusivo USA Series that got him rolling in the states. It is a three line series, known as the Red, White and Blue, each using a different blend.

 While we are fans of the entire line, the Exclusivo Red has garnered critical acclaim and a Top 25 spot in Cigar Aficionados list in 2017. Check out the entire line of Regius Cigars right here at Serious Cigars.

Today is the day my friends, the day we have been teasing all week. Today begins the great RoMa-Thon, a full weekend of insane deals and limited releases of RoMa Craft cigars. We are kicking off the big festival by offering one of our coolest contests yet. This weeks contest is for a one of a kind RoMa Craft accessory set that contains a Xikar travel humidor, lighter and cutter, all featuring the RoMa Craft name.

 Lets do a quick reminder for people who may be new to our contests. First, visit our Facebook or Instagram page. There, you will see a picture of the RoMa Craft set. You need to like the picture, share, tag three friends and comment. Best comment wins, but lets keep it classy.

 After entering the contest make sure you go to our website and take advantage of the wondrous RoMa-Thon. We have deals on 5 packs boxes and are releasing a few boxes of limited sizes and blends from RoMa Craft. Enjoy my friends!

 For Honduran cigar aficionados, there is one brand that reigns supreme overall…Camacho. The company has ha d along a distinguished history, from it humble origins, to its increases in popularity under the Eiroa era, to his home now with legendary Davidoff cigars. Davidoff has mad ensure to keep Camacho true to its origins and have succeeded in bringing the brand into the 21st century. Now, while Camacho is known for several of their higher priced lines, this newest, two blend releases is not only a great cigar but at a great value based price.

 The Camacho Scorpion is the perfect everyday smoke for fans of Honduran cigars. They have two different varieties, so multiple profile preferences would love it. First, you have the mellow Camacho Scorpion Connecticut. A blend of rich and smooth Honduran tobaccos is covered with a lush and creamy Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, giving you a balanced mellow to medium smoke.

 For fans of something a little bolder, look no further than the Camacho Scorpion Sun grown. This Honduran puro uses aged Honduran tobaccos through out the cigar, including a stunning and zesty Honduran Sun Grown wrapper.

 Smoking one of these cigars, you would think it is one of Camacho’s high end offerings, yet they are under $10! Make sure to check out the Camacho Scorpion and the entire Camacho line right here at Serious Cigars.

 Who would have thought that a cigar with an archeological theme would be a success? Well, Mike and Skip always knew. They always knew because they knew how good their products were, how hard they worked on preserving quality and keeping the customers happy. That’s why you can call a cigar the Mastodon and it works! The RoMa team also knows to how effectively utilize their themes in order to make a more desirable product. Take for example, one of their best selling and most sought after regular production products…the Neanderthal.

 The Neanderthal was first released in late 2014. It followed the pre historic theme of the CroMagnon, which gave Skip the idea for this wonderful smoke. However, he even said himself he wasn’t a good enough blender to make this cigar when they first started out, it took a few years to get the blend just right.

The blend is strong yet incredibly well balanced It combines a truly unique blend of tobaccos, with filler tobaccos from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and even Pennsylvania. The binder is a bold and flavorful Connecticut Broadleaf, that adds that touch of richness and cocoa. The finishing touch is a stunning Mexican San Andres wrapper, a leaf that beautifully combines notes of coffee and chocolate with subtle notes of pepper and spice.

While the blend is fantastic, the shape of this cigar is what turned it from a great smoke to a legendary product. It is rolled into a thick figurados with a flat cap, resembling a club that Neanderthals were known to carry. It is one of their hardest to find regular production cigars, and can even be harder to pick up then some of their limited editions.

The CroMagnon may hold a special place in my heart, but its is easy to say that the Neanderthal took RoMa Craft to the next level. Make sure you check us out on Friday for our amazing RoMa-Thon were we will be offering great deals and giveaways on boxes of RoMa Craft, including the delicious Neanderthal.

 Limited Editions have become a not so limited occurrence in the modern day cigar industry. Not saying that is a bad thing, quite the contrary in fact. With looming FDA regulations, the ability to release short, small batch brads and sizes has become the norm for most smaller, boutique manufacturers. It also gives them the chance to have a little creative fun with names and sizes. In our opinion, no one does this better then Mike and Skip from RoMa Craft.

 RoMa Craft the force behind many of the most sought after regular production cigars on the market today including CroMagnon and the Neanderthal. With their regular lines already in high demand, you can image how popular their limited editions are. Well lucky for you, we have acquired a few boxes of some of these limited gems and are excited to release them for our big RoMa-Thon event starting this Friday.

 While we cant say all the limited editions we will have, I can sprinkle a few in here to keep you interested. I can say we have the bold Blockhead from the CroMagnon line, the Venus size of the Aquitaine and the formerly store only Le Revenge from the Intemperance BA line.

 There will be some crazy deals with RoMa Craft all weekend long as well as a great weekly contest on Friday as well. So make sure you keep checking for details and get ready for a flood of Limited Editions from RoMa Craft.

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