The Gran Habano #5 has been described as the strongest blend amongst Don Guillermo Rico’s unique Gran Habano line of premium cigars. In 2003, he created this collection of superior blends within his fairly new cigar production firm GR Tabaqueras Unidas. Operating out of Danli, Honduras the business has been flourishing right from the start. The Gran Habano #5 is no exception to the superiority associated with the man and his brand.

Don Guillermo Rico is a third generation tobacco farmer and cigar creator. Growing up with fine examples of work ethics along with a deep education in the particulars of the industry helped him to achieve success throughout his journey. From his beginnings as a tobacco salesman to the acquisition of numerous tobacco farms he continuously makes his mark in the cigar world. Those tobacco farms in Nicaragua, Columbia, Panama, and Costa Rica have truly set him apart from the competition, allowing him to create blends like no other.

The Gran Habano #5 is said to mirror the diversity seen in Guillermo Rico’s tobacco inventory. This medium to full bodied cigar is comprised of a Nicaraguan Habano wrapper and binder while the filler is a perfect blend of Nicaraguan, Mexican, and Costa Rican long leaf tobacco. Just as with the rest of the line, this blend is available in a wide range of vitolas including the Churchill, Pyramid, Gran Robusto, Gran Corona, Rothchild, Lancero, Robusto, Lunch Break, Imperiales, and the Triumph. With this extensive variety, there is sure to be a size for every preference level.

This cigar is described as a nicely constructed piece with a dark red and brown toned wrapper. It is firmly packed with minimal veins present throughout its skin. The cigar is topped off with a triple cap and when cut with your favorite cigar cutter it opens up effortlessly with an even result. The pre-lit Gran Habano #5 gives off a sweet and spicy aroma that ropes you into wanting more. Once lit, this smoke is said to burn nice and even at just the right rate. It produces an ideal amount of smoke with each puff from start to finish. The ash is said to be pale on the grey spectrum and held firm for a majority of the draw.

The flavor is just as full and strong as the stogie’s appearance and performance. The first act brings bursts of peppery spice with woodsy notes blended in. As the smoke continues, hints of sweetness emerge. During the second third the peppery taste lingers while additional sweet cocoa undertones and natural spices are said to blend in flawlessly. In the final third the spicy flavor increases once again while subtle sugar and slight almond undertones compliment it wonderfully.

The Gran Habano #5 is not harsh in flavor and provides the smoker with a well balanced and satisfying smoke. While the blend is not overpowering, the strength of this cigar may best fit the palate of a seasoned cigar smoking aficionado. Although, a novice may find a milder ring size of this fine cigar a better purchase for his humidor. 


In 1983, acclaimed musician and composer Avo Uvezian was travelling through Switzerland. Celebrating the christening of his daughter, Avo lit up a Cuban cigar. After a few puffs, Avo became enraged at both the quality of the cigar and the incredibly high price. He knew it was possible to make a high end, classic cigar with better quality for a much lower cost. He travelled for two years throughout Central America and the Caribbean until he found legendary blender Hendrick Kelner in the Dominican Republic. After smoking a few samples, Avo had found his man. Together, these two titans created the first in a line of premium, luxury cigars now known as Avo cigars.

 The Avo Classic was the first blend made for the Avo line. It was blended by Kelner who is now the world famous blender for Davidoff. The cigar was hand rolled with aged Dominican tobaccos for the filler and binder, followed by a stunning Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. It is incredibly smooth and creamy with wonderful notes of coffee, cocoa, cedar and leather. It is the epitome of a classic, mellow cigar with near perfect construction and an abundance of flavor.

 This cigar set the stage for Avo to become one of the most beloved Dominican cigars in the world. The next time you are looking for a smooth and exquisite mellow cigar, pick up a box of Avo Classic right here at Serious Cigars.

Kristoff Kristania cigars are a product of Glen Case’s boutique company, one of the fastest growing in the country. Since 2004, this small manufacturer has produced several blends and made many top lists among aficionado publications. The brand focuses on bringing together tobaccos from around the world and finding new ways to combine them. This cigar is aimed at traditionalists, and derives its name from both his son Kristopher and his daughter Brittany.

The wrapper is a Nicaraguan Criollo Habano and comes with a Dominican Habano binder and filler. It is available in three vitolas, including Robusto (5 x 50), Toro (6 x 52) and an unnamed third size (5 1/2 x 60). Those who offered their reviews appreciated its strong construction and rustic look. Kristoff Kristania cigars feature a wrapper that is milk chocolate in color and has a bit of veining. It is dry to the touch and gives just a little when squeezed. There are no hard or soft spots apparent in the construction. The fillers are packed tightly into the stogie, giving it good weight. Wood and cedar spice notes are most apparent on the pre-light draw, and the paper is said to have a spicy aroma.

During the first third of the Kristoff Kristania cigars, most aficionados detected pepper and wood immediately. The black pepper isn’t too punchy, and is secondary to the wood taste. Shortly after starting, a strong taste of cedar emerges. The cedar remains the boldest flavor during this third and is said to become sweeter with each puff.

During the final third of the Kristoff Kristania cigars, reviewers stated that the intensity of the black pepper ramps up. It quickly takes over the flavor profile while the sweet cedar pulls back, eventually disappearing completely. The vanilla cream and black pepper remain the two strongest tastes until the nub, and they switch primary and secondary roles several times before the cigar burns out. The stick finishes smooth, with a cool and slightly soft nub.

Most reviewers found the burn and draw to be satisfactory. The burn remains razor sharp and only requires the occasional correction. The draw is on the looser side, but nothing that infringes on the experience. Kristoff Kristania cigars are full-bodied smokes that are medium in strength. It’s not designed to overwhelm the smoker with nicotine, but they do possess strong flavors that an experienced aficionado would appreciate the most. Novices looking for something a little more complex will find this stick to be the perfect transition to stronger blends. Glen Case has put a value price on these stogies, which makes them a flavorful bargain. Their range of flavors, solid construction and consistency in quality earns them a place in any humidor.

Joya de Nicaragua is the oldest manufacturer in Nicaragua. They have been crafting cigars for more then 50 years, and yet they are still able to stay ahead of the curve and create new, unique and enticing cigars. Recently, Joya has created a new line of smokes that are generically called the colors series. They include the zesty and intense Joya Red, the medium bodied and well-rounded Joya Silver, and of course the rich and bold Joya Black.

 The Joya Black is a medium to full bodied cigar that has become one of the most popular of the series. It uses aged Nicaraguan tobacco for the filler, giving it a zesty and leathery core. Its binder is a Mexican leaf for construction and a bit of flavor, but the real gem is the wrapper. The Joya Black is cloaked in a jet black, Mexican maduro wrapper. It has a wonderful balance of richness and spice, offering up notes of black pepper, dark chocolate espresso beans, buts and even a touch of cinnamon. It is the perfect maduro offering, offering up a plethora of flavors, but each one working together for a well rounded, balanced profile.

 If the Joya Black is any indication of what this company is doing, then we are incredibly excited for the future. Its construction, blend and price make this one of the most popular cigars coming out of Nicaragua, and you can buy your box right now at Serious Cigars.

Way back in 2012, two Texans came together to form one of the most influential cigar companies of the past decade. Those men were Mike Rosales and Skip Martin, and their company was RoMa Craft Tobac. When they decided to join forces, they already had created one cigar together, the legendary CroMagnon. However, at that time the CroMagnon was a private release, and only available at a few shops throughout Texas. When deciding upon their next venture, Mike and Skip decided two things. First they needed a cigar they can release on a wider scale and that cigar needed to appeal to a bigger audience.

 While we all have grown to love the CroMagnon, at the time it was a very unique smoke that only true aficionados were aware of. There next cigar was going to be more mellow, smoother and more all-purpose. That cigar is known as the Intemperance, and it became the jet engine that launched this company into the stratosphere.

The Intemperance is actually two different cigars under the same banner. In wanting to create a wider release, the RoMa Craft team deduced they would need at least two different wrapper varieties, one for the smooth creamy smoker and one for the bold and rich profile. The result was the Intemperance EC and the Intemperance BA. The EC stands for Ecuadorian Connecticut, a smooth wrapper draped over Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos for a creamy and medium bodied smoke with notes of coffee, sweet spice and cedar. The BA is the Brazilian Arapiaca, a darker and rich leaf with heavy notes of chocolate, pepper, leather and earth. These two cigars quickly became the talk of the town and set RoMa Craft on a path to greatness.

You can find the entire RoMa Craft line right here at Serious Cigars.

Another week, another big social media giveaway. This weeks is very close to my heart, as our prizes were donated from a dear friend and a true American hero, the great and powerful Matt Booth. That’s right Boofy is back baby. This has been a huge year for Matt, after releasing his first solo project in two years, the Room 101 Farce, Matt had a huge impact at the trade show, showcasing two more brand new releases.

 In honor of this great and wise man, we have dedicated this weeks giveaway to Matt and the team at Room 101 cigars. Before his sabbatical from the cigar industry, Matt worked with the team over at Xikar to create some amazing cigar accessories featuring Room 101 artwork. This week we are giving away one of this prized cutters to a lucky winner. To enter, simply check out our Facebook or Instagram page. When you see the picture of the cutter, you need to follow our page, like the pic, tag three friends and comment. Best Comment wins, so make it count!

 This contest only lasts for one day so make sure you enter right away and look for al the new releases from Room 101 cigars right here at Serious Cigars.

In the country of Nicaragua, deep in the heart of Esteli, lies a tobacco field unlike any other. It is a small plot of land owned by Nick Perdomo and his family. This small lot is home to some of the highest quality tobacco in the world. Nick experimented with a new prototype seed, using only a small portion of his nearly endless land, in order to see how the tobacco would perform. Today, this land is known as Lot 23, and it is the sole tobacco used in his legendary Perdomo Lot 23 line.

 The Lot 23 was one of the first modern cigars that used tobacco from one exclusive field. While today, this is a practice used by several manufacturers, Nick Perdomo was one of the first. This tobacco combines bot complexity and reliability. It has tremendous notes of white pepper, leather, earth and a little sweetness.

For this line, Perdomo also chose to experiment with a few different wrapper varieties, to see which ones worked the best. The result was three different cigars, each one perfect for a different profile preference. There is the smooth and creamy Connecticut shade, the zesty Nicaraguan wrapper, and the dark and rich maduro.

Along with the 10th Anniversary, the Lot 23 is one of Perdomos most popular cigars… and you can enjoy it right here at Serious Cigars.

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