Camacho CigarsCamacho manufactures a truly fantastic cigar, fully aged, and characterized by a distinctive flavor.  Cigar aficionados from around the world highly value Camacho blends—especially the Camacho Havana.  

They are completely handmade from select, vintage tobaccos grown in the Jamastran Valley of Honduras-- a region where ideal soil and near-perfect climate is comparable to Cuba`s renowned Vuelto Abajo Region. 

Camacho Havana Cigars are characterized by a medium to full body strength.  Admittedly, they are a more powerful blend than those typically intended for beginning smokers.  Experienced aficionados, however, find the strength just right for the palate.  Many say, in fact, that this cigar is the closest thing to a Cuban cigar you can get without smoking a Cuban itself, or paying Cuban prices. 

The draw on a Camacho Havana gives you a little resistance in the beginning, but overall it is easy.  The slight resistance is there deliberately, in order to give you a good mouthful of white smoke that will immediately submerge your senses in the full essence of the flavor.  As you reach the last one-third of the cigar, you start to notice more resistance to the draw.  This keeps the palate moist all the way till the end of the smoke.

Comacho Havana cigars have a very complex flavor.  The taste is very strong and spicy—just like old Havana blends.  You will also notice hints of cedar and oak, and a distinct flavor of honey.   

Indeed, this is not only a premium cigar, but it is one of the most popular brands in the cigar world.  These cigars are hand rolled and are constantly in high demand.   

The Camacho Havana is available in five different blends.  Each blend offers the aficionado something distinguished and unique.   


The Camacho Churchill is an oily, cuadradro box-pressed cigar.  It can be recognized by a medium body and lots of thick smoke.  


The Camacho Figurado is characterized by hints of leather, steel, and chocolate.  It is a rich, thick, chewy blend. 


The Camacho Gigante is yet another rich, strong, spicy-tasting blend that has a good peppery finish.


The Comacho Monarca starts out leathery, and then turns to chocolate toward the one-third mark.  As you reach the final third, you start to notice distinguishable tastes of pepper. 


The Camacho Toro is highly regarded as a rich, creamy, and flavorful smoke.

All five of these blends are rated about as highly as any cigar can be.  Not long ago, in fact, a blind taste test was held Comacho Havana cigars and three notable Cuban brands.  The Camacho’s won 11 times on the basis of their power, body, and flavor.  Aficionados attribute a great deal of their decisions to the Corojo filler and binder. 

The Corojo filler and binder are Cuban-seed tobaccos grown in Honduras.  The wrapper is a Jamastran Criollo wrapper, also Honduran in origin.  In spite of all their superior qualities, these cigars are quite affordable.  They typically sell for less than half the money of some of their very best Honduran equivalents.    

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Davidoff CigarsDavidoff cigars are often called the Elite of Elite in the world of cigars.  Many aficionados regard them as the absolute epitome of luxury and high quality.  That’s not surprising, when you consider the reputation for impeccability that the Davidoff brand has become known for.

Made in the Dominican Republic, Davidoff cigars off the new smoker and the veteran aficionado of many decades one of the smoothest and most consistent smokes in the entire cigar industry.   While this no doubt a premium cigar for the connoisseur, the Davidoff also enjoys a rather unique position of being a cigar that any smoker of any level of experience can appreciate and enjoy.  

Much of this is the result of a very unique cultivation, blending, and aging process that is used to prepare the tobacco.  The other reason for this wide range of popularity is the many different lines that Davidoff produces.  Because these lines offer the full gamut strength, you can find everything from creamy and smooth to spicy and strong under the Davidoff label. 

The Davidoff cigar was first manufactured in Cuba and is now made in the Dominican Republic.  Four very unique and special blends are used to make the various lines of this series.  There are large-sized Davidoff’s, mild and light versions, full bodied smokes, and medium bodied and gentle.  The most powerful of the Davidoff brand are the Grand Cru lines and Special ranges, which share the same blend. 

Power wise, Davidoff cigars are full, medium, or mild as follows:

·         Grand Cru-a full body smoke

·         Millennium-a full and mature cigar, favored by Dominican lovers

·         Classic Series-a mild blend

·         Thousand Series-a mild blend

·         Mini Cigarillos-a mild blend

·         Exquisito Cigarillo-a mild blend

Deliberate and careful construction accounts for a perfect draw.  Davidoff has, for many years, set the standard for well-made cigars with a comfortable and easy draw.  The burn is also consistent, and evident of superb manufacture.  

Taste wise, you get complex, subtle flavor and rich aroma from Davidoff cigars.  The people who blend these tobaccos go through extensive training and accumulate years of experience on top to guarantee you the rich aroma and flavor that many reviews have described the tobacco as somewhat woody and sweet. 

Davidoff cigars are made using tobaccos that are grown in the richest soils of select fields in the Dominican Republic.  Many different varieties are used to produce the creamy filler that goes into these cigars. 

The leaves from these tobaccos are carefully chosen by virtue of their aroma.  They must also go through a four year aging process in order to create a smooth, enjoyable flavor that Davidoff cigars are known form.  The wrapper is also of super quality, being a Connecticut-shade wrapper enclosing the expert blend within. 

Davidoff cigars are considered premium anywhere you go.  Davidoff has built its business around the standards of quality and excellence that go back 500 years in the Dominican Republic.  In cultivation and manufacture, they simply cannot be beat. 

Davidoff HumidorDavidoff Humidors are world famous for their hand-crafted beauty, their reliable performance, and their amazing longevity.  Like all Cigar humidors, they are essentially containers used to store cigars. They are much more than simple wooden boxes, however.  Davidoff humidors are made with a level of quality unsurpassed, and the larger models are also manufactured with features that are considered optional cheaper equivalents.

In order to quantify and qualify the unique value of a Davidoff humidor, we have to first get a clear picture on what a humidor does to begin with.   In essence, a cigar humidor preserves the taste and aroma of cigars by keeping them moist.  This is done through a combination of the way a humidor is build on the inside and the work of a device called a humidifier.  The humidifier keeps the relative humidity at a desirable level in order to prevent cigars from drying out. 

New smokers are often puzzled when they first discover just how much importance aficionados assign to humidification.  Well, the reason is simply.  A dry cigar burns too fast and loses its flavor.  This is why, when you meet a serious cigar connoisseur, you will notice him or her treated their humidor with the utmost respect worthy of a large investment.  The serious smoker knows how much is at stake if premium cigars get ruined, so an in investment in something top of the line, such as a Davidoff humidor, is appropriate to both lifestyle and budget for those who take their smoking seriously.    

Whenever a new smoker goes out into the world to purchase a humidor, he or she needs to know what to look for, and to know what not to fall for.  Some places will offer cheap, plastic humidors to the new smoker as a convenient way of storing their cigars.  There is nothing wrong with a plastic container if one is going to use it for a temporary storage container.  It is a very bad idea, however, to count on something like this working for the long term. 

Not only will it offer plastic humidors as a discount.  These are all well and good as a temporary storage measure, but they are not good to use on a long-term basis.  A quality box, such as a Davidoff humidor, is going to have several distinguishing characteristics to guarantee freshness in your most premium cigars.  A wooden box with the following characteristics is mandatory for long-term cigar storage.

·         It is made out of wood.

·         It is lined with Spanish cedar.

·         It has been hand-crafted for a better, tighter seal.

·         Inside the box there is a raised lip around the edge.

·         A good humidor should be able to store least 25 to 30 cigars.

You get what you pay for.  A one-time investment in a top-of-the-line product like a Davidoff humidor will yield a lifetime of returns on investment.  There are also additional features that can be added to your humidor.  One of these is a lock, which keeps the curious and the thieving away from your stash of cigars.  Another feature is a set of elegant handles to make the box easier to carry.  A humidor can also be fitted with shelves and dividers that allow cigars to be organized by brand and line. 

Davidoff humidors are available in small, medium, large, and travel-size.  The large humidors are hand-made in a famous workshop in Switzerland. They are crafted from exotic hardwoods and then polished in natural wood veneers.  They are covered in the finest European leather and lined on the outside with brass fittings.  They also are also equipped with locks, handles, and trays.  Internal humidification systems are self-regulating—providing your cigars with optimal relative humidity necessary to preserve flavor and aroma.

The combination of superior craftsmanship and reliable technical function makes these cigar humidors the best investment for the serious cigar aficionado.  Because they are built to last a lifetime, they often become family heirlooms. 

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Camacho CigarsCamacho cigars are considered to be the very Habano cigars of non-Cuban origin.  This is due to the fact that tobaccos used in these cigars come from seeds imported from Cuba into Honduras.  Since that time, they have since become a staple in the world of cigars.   

Camacho cigars was purchased in 2008 by the Oettinger Davidoff Group.  This company is known for growing all of its own tobacco, as well as manufacturing the cigars themselves. To top it off they also handle their own distribution.

Smokes by this company enjoy some of the highest ratings in the world by veteran cigar aficionados.   They are prized as being among the most premium quality cigars in the entire world. 

The tobacco that is used to make them is grown in Honduras’s Jamastran Valley.  They are made completely from Maduro filler and wrapper.  “Maduro” is a Spanish word that literally means “ripe.”  In cigar manufacturing, Maduro tobacco leaf is medium or dark brown.  This coloration is created by either leaving the leaf on the plant for a longer period of time than normal, or by putting the leaf through a special fermentation process. 

Camacho’s Maduro tobacco is fermented for a long period of time.  This fermentation process draws out all of the sugars from the plant. 

The strength of these cigars is best described as having a medium strength that borders on full.  The relative fullness of a particular blend depends primarily on the degree of Maduro in the tobacco.   

There are premium Camacho blends and ultra premium blends.  These include:

The Triple Maduro

The triple Maduro is the only cigar in the world made with 100 percent Maduro.  It has a full-bodied strength that derives a Honduran wrapper, a Honduran binder, and a Honduran filler. 

10th Anniversary

This exceptional box-pressed, anniversary cigar features a Corojo wrapper, binder, and filler for a good, medium to full body strength. 


This is another full body cigar made with a Corojo wrapper, binder, and filler.

Liberty 2007 and 2009 Series

The Liberty 2007 and 2009 series have been called Camacho’s tribute to America.  The 2007 a Barber Pole wrapper and a Honduran binder and filler.  It is described as a medium to full body strength. 

The 2009 has a Habano wrapper, a Honduran binder and filler, and a full body strength. 


This Camacho cigar has been described as having the best Cameroon wrapper ever.  It has Honduran filler, a Honduran binder, and a medium to full body strength. 


This is the only authentic Corojo cigar in the world.  It consists of a Corojo binder, filler, and wrapper that produces a full body strength.


The Coyolar blend was called by the Robb Report the Best of the Best in 2006.  It is an all-Coyolar cigar with full body strength. 

Camacho Havana

This cigar is made with a Habana Criollo wrapper that surrounds a superb, authentic Corojo binder and filler.  It has a medium to full body strength. 

Camacho SLR and SLR Maduro

Made with Corojo filler, these cigars are enclosed within in a Honduran binder, and Habano/Broadleaf Maduro wrapper.   Aficionados can expect a good, full body strength from these cigars.   

Camacho Connecticut

This mild to medium, well balanced smoke for the luxury minded has a blend of Dominican and Honduran filler held together a Honduran Binder.  It is enclosed within a Connecticut (Ecuador) wrapper that adds additional, exceptional quality to its flavor and strength. 

Our Cigar Shop is located in Houston Texas, however we also service all 50 states including New York NY, Los Angeles CA, Miami, FL. Chicago, IL. Denver CO., El Paso, Texas, Dallas TX DFW, San Antonio, TX, Austin, TX, Boise ID, Atlanta GA, Raleigh-Durham NC, WashingtonC, Albuquerque NM, Huntsville AL, Fayetteville AR, N Dorfolk VA , Madison WI.

Ashton VSG CigarsSince its release in 1999, the Ashton VSG has been the most successful blend of Ashton cigars to date.  This is a very full-bodied cigar known for having a smooth and deep draw and a rich, complex, intoxicating flavor. 

The term “VSG” stands for “Virgin Sun Grown” in reference to the fact that all tobaccos used in these cigars are sun-grown by nature.  This powerful line is the personal handiwork of Carlos Fuentes Jr. himself, who worked in partnership with Ashton for a total of two years.

Four to five year-old Dominican tobacco is hand-picked from the most fertile plants. The unique flavor of the Ashton VSG comes from a wrapper that is grown on a private estate in Ecuador owned by the Oliva family where it is grown for the Fuente Family exclusively for Ashton. The wrapper matures slowly by sunlight filtered through the region's natural cloud covering.

This is a powerful cigar with an intoxicating flavor with a complex rich finish.  It is blended by Carlos Fuente Jr. using 4 to 5 year old Dominican tobacco hand-picked from the most fertile plants. The unique flavor of the VSG comes from a wrapper that is grown on a private estate in Ecuador owned by the Oliva family where it is grown for the Fuente Family exclusively for Ashton. The wrapper matures slowly by sunlight filtered through the region's natural cloud covering.

This complex blend of flavor and color are derived from a couple of things.  The first is the Dominican filler and binder that make up the heart of each of these fine cigars.   

Carlos Fuente Jr. himself blends this line, using 4-5 year old Dominican tobacco that is hand-picked from his very best plants.  A more complex layering of flavor derives from the superb Ecuadorian wrapper.  The Ecuadorian wrapper is matured very slowly in filtered sunlight that trickles down through the natural cloud covering hovering over the Oliva family’s private estate where it is grown.   

The Ashton VSG is considered a full body smoke.  Generally, it is most appreciated by veteran cigar aficionados who appreciate complexity in flavor and aroma.  It is also a good cigar for bold new smokers who want to try something more powerful simply for the sake of appreciating the virtues of strength.  Those who do so find that it has a creamy flavor as well that makes the draw as pleasant as it is powerful.   

In fact, many cigar reviews have described this cigar as having an elegant, intoxicating flavor.  Just after lighting, it has floral notes and flavors that remind you of plum.  It also tastes distinctively of natural tobacco.  Hints of spice, clove, and cinnamon are also present. 

The Ashton VSG becomes moister toward the middle.  Many report a leathery component and cedar sweetness.  Toward the end of the smoke, a note of raw peanuts can be tasted.  It is also well-loved because it has a slow, even burn thanks to an even and firm construction.   

The Ashton VSG is distinctively square in shape that it has become a known form.  You can also buy these cigars in a round shape if that is your preference.  The most popular size is the 55 ring-size Torpedo.  Ashton also makes this blend in ring sizes of 44, 46, and 52.

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Ashton Maduro cigars are known for their full, sweet taste and complex aroma.  Due to the fact that the Connecticut shade-grown wrapper used to make the Ashton Maduro is very limited in supply, this is considered something of a rare cigar.

The filler and binder are both of exceptional quality, and they are both grown in the Dominican Republic.  The combination of Dominican filler and Connecticut shade-grown wrapper has made this a prized cigar the world over. 

A large number of cigar reviews have noted that the Ashton Maduro is a fantastic example of how fullness is different from strength.   When cigar smokers talk about fullness, they are referring to the pleasure a smoker derives from the taste and the smell of the cigar itself.

This is very different from strength.  Cigar refers to the power of the nicotine content in the blend. 

One of the hallmarks of a truly great cigar is one does not get a severe punch to the adrenalin that could ruin the essence of the moment.  Instead, the smoker gets a smooth, relaxing feeling that goes down just like a neat scotch—or, even better, is smoked with a neat scotch.

A full-flavor cigar like the Ashton Maduro is a sure win with both neophytes and veteran smokers for this reason. 

When an Ashton Maduro is initially lit up, its taste is very sweet.  As the cigar burns, the flavor turns into a very rich and nutty flavor.  One begins to notice subtle hints of apple, and a finish that many cigar reviews have referred to as a detectable, very appealing, creamy taste.

This subtle shift of flavors is as smooth as the draw of the cigar, and is never a shock to one’s palette.  It is present thanks to the fermentation and aging process of the Connecticut-shade wrapper in Sherry-finished, French oak barrels. 

Ashton ages these wrappers for a very good reason.  The intent is the make the cigar wrapper as oily as possible.  New smokers are often surprised to learn that an oily wrapper on a cigar is a not a bad thing.  Contrary to the world outside the cigar lounge, an oily wrapper is highly sought after as a distinguishing characteristic of a premium cigar.   This is because dry wrappers do not burn as evenly, nor do they taste as good.

Not only is the wrapper of an Ashton Maduro of exceptional quality, but the filler is as well.  These cigars are carefully rolled by hand by only the very best torcedores at the Fuente factory.  So expert is the constitution of these cigars that the final product always feels perfectly smooth and firm within the grip. 

It is just tight enough to not fall apart while smoking.  At the same time, however, it is not too tight.  A cigar that is too tight has too hard of a draw, but with this premium blend, nothing can be easier than to draw a pleasing and exceptional flavor from within its truly impeccable constitution. 

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Ashton CigarsAshton Cigars was the dream Robert Levin made reality through partnership with the Fuente family.  Ashton is known throughout this big beautiful world of ours as one of the very best cigar companies, period.  Their blends are the most highly ranked, and many are also very special and rare.  Levin’s business know-how and Fuentes’s expertise in cigar-making represent a synergy of excellence that has made cigar history.

Ashton cigars are definitely ranked by cigar aficionados as premium in quality.  They are renowned for their mild to medium taste.  Most people like them as after dinner smokes.  Of the six different blends, a few are considered robust, but none could ever be called harsh.

Ashton cigars are made in the famous Fuente factory in the Dominican Republic.  All of the filler used to make these fine cigars is grown in the Dominican Republic.  Some blends use Connecticut shade-grown wrapper.  Others use Connecticut Broadleaf, Ecuadorian cloud leaf, and Cameroon leaf wrapper.

Ashton cigars are available in six superb and distinctive blends.  Each of these blends is carefully made with a specific process to produce a cigar that is unique and highly distinguished in flavor and aroma.  .

 Ashton VSG

VSG stands for Virgin Sun Grown.  It was first released in 1999 and became instantly popular.  Since that time, it has maintained its status as the most popular of Ashton blends.  It is highly touted for its full-bodied flavor and its deep, smooth draw. 

There is a good reason for this.  The VSG is the personal creation of Carlos Fuente, Jr. himself.  He personally undertook its creation and invested two years of his time in partnership with Ashton in order to perfect this impeccable blend.  The Dominican filler and Ecuadorian wrapper he created produce a full-bodied taste loved by aficionados the world over.


ESG stands for Estate Sun Grown and uses a Dominican wrapper that is grown on the Chateau de la Fuente itself.  It has never been used to make any other cigar.  This makes the ESG a very rare commodity that is highly sought after by cigar lovers, and prized as a premium blend for special occasions.

Ashton Heritage

The Ashton Heritage Puro Sol is distinguished by a smooth, calm draw that from Dominican filler, a Dominican binder, and a Cameroon wrapper. All tobaccos are 100% sun-grown.  This mellow and medium-bodied cigar is known for notes of wood and graham cracker. 

Ashton Aged Maduro Cigars

The Aged Maduro is also a rare blend because it is made using extremely limited Connecticut broad-leaf wrapper.  The filler and the binder are both Dominican.  It is characterized by a taste that is sweet in the beginning, then turns rich and nutty as you continue smoking. 

 Ashton Cabinet Series Cigars

The Cabinet Series has an even draw, a smooth and creamy flavor, and a rich aroma.  It also gives subtle hints of oak and earth. Its Dominican filler is aged four to five years, and its Connecticut shade-grown wrapper is aged for an extra year.

Ashton Classic Cigars

The Classic is made from Dominican filler and a Connecticut shade-grown wrapper.  It has a mild to medium body and a touch of peppery spice. 

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