The 2017 IPCPR tradeshow was abuzz with the news that Matt Booth had returned to the cigar industry. After his year of self imposed exile after parting with Davidoff, Boofy returned to bring his infamous Room 101 brand back to his loyal fans. He decided to partner up with one of this dear friends, and one of the kings of the boutique cigar market, the great Robert Caldwell. This two wacky scientists came together to create on of the best and most talked about cigars of the year, the Hit & Run. The dynamic duo decided to follow up this success with a sequel, that to many might pull a Terminator move and surpass the original.

   Even the name of this cigar speaks to the wacky personalities of its creators. Instead of calling it the Hit & Run 2 or Part 2, they went with the spoof movie Hot Shots style, Hit & Run Part Deux. This complex smoke is hand crafted at the William Ventura factory, which has become Caldwells home away from home. It features a secret Habano wrapper, an unknown binder and a mix of long fillers from Nicaragua, the Dominican and the US.

 This cigar starts off with some great earthy notes and some spice. It opens up after the first third to include some tremendous hints of pepper, sweet spice, and a distinct nutty aroma as well. I was a huge fan of the first Hit & Run, but I think this one takes it. It also may be one of the most complex and consistent cigars that Room 101 has released.   

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 Humidor maintenance seems like a huge pain but it is in fact quite simple. By taking some east steps you can ensure that your cigars stay fresh for years. Cigars are a hand made product that are crafted from elements from nature. They need to be maintained in a certain environment in order to thrive, so making sure your humidor is seasoned properly is of the utmost importance

 The two most important aspects to maintain when aging your cigars are temperature and of course humidity. You must keep the humidity between 68-72% with 70% being your perfect. When using your standard, cedar lined humidor, there are preparations you should take before filling it with your cigars. This process is called seasoning. Seasoning a cigar humidor is incredibly important to maintaining your cigars.

 First, open up your cigar humidor. Take four shot glasses and fill them with distilled water. It is important you use distilled water because it is pure H20, with all of the minerals being evaporated out. If you use tap water, there is a chance of ruing your cigar wrapper. After filling the glasses, take them and place one into each corner of the humidor then close it. Leave it closed for 8-10 hours.

 After this time frame, open up the humidor and see how much water the shot glasses have lost and refill accordingly. The water is going down in the glasses because it is being absorbed by the cedar wood on the inside. Repeat this process until, after an 8 hour period, the shot glasses remain filled. This means the wood has absorbed all it can and is ready to be filled with cigars.

 Make sure your humidor is filled at minimum 50% with cigars, with 75% filled is preferred. After setting up your humidifier and hydrometer, your humidor is ready. I prefer to season my humidor about twice a year, so make sure you check it every few months.

Willy Herrera had quite the reputation even before be came to Drew Estate. Being the master blender for the top manufacturer in the US is no small feat, and everyone knows the tremendous cigars that were coming out of El Titan de Bronze. When he signed on with Drew Estate, fans rejoiced. Take the natural talent of such a prolific blender and giving him the almost endless resources of one of the largest companies in the industry, we knew magic was on the horizon. His first project, the Herrera Esteli, was a tremendous success and was on Top 10 lists everywhere. The sequel project is always the most difficult, however Willy and his team at Drew cam threw with flying colors.

The Norteño takes its name from the Spanish word for Northerner. This is typically what people in Nicaragua call the citizens of Estelí, as it is in the north of the Country. It is an exquisite full bodied smoke that combines the extensive tobacco resources of Drew Estate with the clever blending practices of Willy Herrera. It uses aged Nicaraguan tobaccos for its long filler and a stunning San Andres maduro wrapper, giving it a combination of rich sweet notes and spice.

The Norteño has received critical acclaim, and was named the #7 cigar of the year in 2016 with a 94 rating. It is an amazing example of a Nicaraguan cigar and laid the groundwork for all future Will Herrera blends. Pick up your box of the Norteño today at Serious Cigars.

Our contests are getting bigger and better with each passing week. From cool swag and apparel to one of a kind cutters and lighters, our customers are guaranteed a cool giveaway contest every single week. This week, its time to load up for the holidays with an amazing, large, desk humidor from El Rey del Mundo cigars.

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 While many of you are familiar with XI cutters, im sure most of you have never seen one like this. This unique cutter boasts beautiful and frightening imagery that makes it a dream for any collector. For those of you who are new to our contests, lets break down the rules for you. This morning a picture of the cutter will be posted on our Instagram and Facebook page. You need to like the picture, repost, tag three friends and comment. Best comment wins so lets see what you got.

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Joya de Nicaragua is one of the most prestigious brands not only in Nicaragua, but in the world. They are the oldest factory in the country and have perfected the use of Nicaraguan tobaccos in their blends. By partnering with Drew Estate to help distribute their brand around the world, Joya has gained a whole new following, and so they have been creating even more unique and complex blends to bring to their fan base. With the critical acclaim garnered by the Joya Black and Joya Red lines, the company decided to add one more to complete their so called color trilogy.

 The Joya de Nicaragua Silver, more commonly known as the Joya Silver, is as complex and bold as they come. It is rolled in the Joya factory, which boasts some of the finest construction you will see on a cigar. Its complexity is due to its uses of aged tobaccos from three countries. Its filler is a premium Nicaraguan tobacco, for a zesty and slightly sweet center. For a touch of rich coffee, its binder is a Mexican San Andres leaf, while the wrapper is an exquisite Ecuadorian tobacco.

 It combines the best aspects of all the tobaccos to bring you a full flavored and full bodied experience. With notes of cocoa, pepper, caramel, spice and cedar, this is not stop flavor train from start to finish. I think this may in fact my favorite cigar from the trilogy. Pick up your box of the Joya Silver right now at Serious Cigars.

Here we have a cigar that I can discuss in length, not just because I am such a fa of the cigar and its company, but also because of its epic theme which I studied in days in college. When Ventura Cigars created the Archetype line, they crafted a series that can be interconnected and where the blends can individually speak to you on a deep level. Each of the blends were specifically chosen to represent its name. The whole series is meant to depict the mythological journey, the journey of the archetype hero. While I have smoked each line in the series, it is the Axis Mundi that really struck me.

 The term Axis Mundi refers to the ancient philosophical and religious term to the connection between Earth and the Heavens. That is exactly what you get with this cigar. Handcrafted at the Drew Estate factory, the Axis Mundi uses aged Nicaraguan tobaccos for the filler, a Sumatra binder, and a stunning Ecuadorian Habano maduro wrapper.

With the combination of the rich cocoa and spice, this cigar is the best of both worlds. Notes of coffee, nuts, figs and maple work hand in hand with hints of pepper, spice, and cedar for an incredibly complex and full profile. It had the honor of being named to the Top 25 Cigars of 2017, coming in at number 13. 

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