Zino Z Class Cigars By Davidoff  For SaleDavidoff is introducing the new Zino Z Class Series. This is the first new offering from Davidoff following eight years of hibernation from inventing new lines. These great cigars are available in the following sizes: Toro, Robusto, Piramides and Corona. The tins are packaged with twenty cigars in each tin. The Zino Z Class cigars feature a Dominican wrapper, a Peruvian binder, and Nicaraguan and Honduran fillers. The aged tobaccos present to the aficionado a spicy, medium to full bodied smoke.

Appearance and Construction:

Beautiful is a popular review of the wrapper of the Zino Z Class cigar. These wrappers are shades darker than traditional wrappers used by Zino. The cigar is rolled with perfection and features a simple cap. The cigar is presented wearing a black and silver band. The cigar weighs in nicely, and the body of the stick feels just a bit on the coarse side.

Flavor & Notes:

The cold draw of the cigar features notes of earthy tones such as hay and grass. Upon lighting the cigar, there is a hint of spices, but they aren’t overwhelming. This tobacco blend, which is Peruvian, is noted as being bliss to most of the reviewers who offered up a regaling review of these smokes. Most of those reviewed also declared that this would be an excellent cigar to enjoy with a glass of wine, which they felt would accentuate the earthiness of the tobacco. By the end of the first third, there is a sweetness that is reminiscent of wine itself, which is probably why wine is recommended as the beverage pairing.

Once you enter the second third of the Zino Z Class cigar, the sweetness remains, but the earthy tones are back and intensify greatly. There is still a hint of spice remaining, and, even though it gets a little stronger than it was in the beginning, it still remains subtle enough not to overpower. The finish of the second third seems to feature a minty flavor.

During the final third of the cigar, the flavor profile doesn’t change. This smoke keeps its complexity throughout.

Smoking Characteristics:

There is an ample amount of smoke and a wonderful aroma. The ash was medium colored, and it held very well all the way into the final third of the cigar. The burn is even throughout, and it did not need to be relit after the initial lighting.

The Zino Z Class cigar series features great cigars for the connoisseur that doesn’t want an overpowering and overwhelmingly strong cigar. For the price point, it is a very complex cigar that delivers a delightful flavor and aroma from the first third on through to the final third and end of the smoke. These sticks definitely did rate high among the aficionados that offered up a review on them, and each one of them said they would recommend them to a friend. They also recommend stocking your humidor with each one of the Z Class offerings from Zino. Davidoff has produced yet another cigar legend!

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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