Best Limited Edition Cigars By Zino The Zino Platinum Crown LE 2008 is a limited edition cigar that was released for Father’s Day, 2008. As with all Davidoff creations, this one is sure to please but hard to find. However, the lucky aficionados that have had the good fortune of both finding one and lighting it up have nothing but the highest accolades to offer in their rave reviews of this smoke.

Some reviewers of the Zino Platinum Crown LE 2008 recommended that you allow this cigar to sit in the humidor for about a year to fully reach its potential.

The wrapper of the Zino Platinum Crown LE 2008 is very smooth and has a few veins in it. The cigar size is around 7x60. The foot of the cigar really doesn’t offer much scent except for a slight note of spiciness. The first draw is smooth but not terribly loose, which is good because many smokers prefer a tighter draw.

Upon lighting the Zino Platinum Crown LE 2008, the first thing that strikes you is the smoothness. There is a flavor burst as well. There really isn’t an earthy or woodsy flavor, just a smooth buttery cream taste. The burn is even and constant. Again, you are reminded of just how creamy flavored it really is with each draw. You notice some very subtle hints of cocoa if you exhale through the nose. This cigar will keep you interested and wanting more and more. The taste is very refined, and there is no harshness to note in this cigar.

About half way through the Zino Platinum Crown LE 2008, you will notice the flavors getting stronger, but the cigar itself remains fairly mild. Cocoa is starting dominate as you begin the final half of the cigar. You will also notice the creamy flavor more in this portion as well. There isn’t a hint of a peppery or spicy note in this half at all. There is no bitter or sour taste left behind on the lips. Some reviewers remarked that they didn’t even need a beverage because this smoke was that smooth.

Towards the end, the cigar isn’t as creamy. If you purge it, on the relight, it almost seems like you lit a brand new cigar. The mildness is now ever present with very little flavor. You will notice a clean taste coming back toward the end while it gets a little stronger.

The burn gets much better now toward the end of the cigar. At the very end, you will experience notes of earth and pepper coming through. A little of the creamy flavor is again at play. The cigar really begins to pour on the tobacco flavor. It is described as being exactly the right way for this cigar to end.

Most reviewers gushed that they could not ask for more from a cigar than what this Zino delivered. They recanted that each draw kept them wanting more, and, in the end, they were extremely satisfied. Every one of the aficionados recommended this cigar!


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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