Zino Embassy Selection CigarThe Zino Embassy Selection line of cigars features several blends from which to choose. The new Embassy Selection Limited Edition Perfecto is one of the freshest offerings to be put forward by the Swiss company, Oettinger Davidoff Group. Featuring a Honduran blend, the smoke is six inches long and offers an Ecuadorian wrapper. Only fifty-five retailers worldwide were given distribution rights, and only 775 boxes of this grand cigar are available.

The Zino Embassy Selection features cigars that have a medium body with some being more full bodied. The aroma is somewhat sweet. You will notice hints of caramel and spice.

Appearance and Construction:

The wrapper is a darker color. It has an oily sheen, and it is toothy. The Zino Embassy Selection cigar may look as if it is somewhat loose, but it isn’t soft in any spots. It has a very ample weight. It features a Belicoso cap.

Here’s what reviewers say about this wonderful line, the Zino Embassy Selection:

Flavor & Notes:

These sticks offer up a noticeable buttery, yet earthy taste. You will also notice a hint of spice when you first light up. That spicy flavor ramps up throughout the first third. Also present is a more intense taste of spice. It is also noted that there is a distinct presence of a nutty flavor along with a hint of coffee. Not so noticeable, but also present, is a note of cedar. As you smoke into the second third, you revisit the buttery taste along with some very strong coffee flavors. In the last third, you will notice the spice still, with a little more of a woodsy and earthy taste to end the cigar.

Smoking Characteristics:

The cigar burns a little off kilter at first, but then it burns evenly shortly after that. It features a nice gray ash. Amazingly, the ash will hold for the first half of the cigar. The draw is quite excellent. While it doesn’t produce a lot of smoke, the aroma is still wonderful. Some reviewers compared it to the smell of fresh coffee brewing.

Aficionados all agree that this is a must have addition to any serious cigar smoker’s humidor. It is a very complex and rich smoke, but it doesn’t come on too strongly in the beginning. With all of the variety of flavors that are encountered, such as spice and coffee, this cigar is sure to please even the most discriminating connoisseurs. The earthy notes that are blended in along with the buttery taste throughout are a refreshing change and makes for a delightfully different type of cigar.

These cigars come packaged in a burgundy box and are distinctively recognizable because of the black and gold band they sport, which was designed exclusively for the Embassy Selection line. Cigar enthusiasts all compliment this smoke for its flavor, aroma, appearance, and overall value. The fact that these cigars are hard to find, because they are produced in very limited quantity with painstaking care, means that, if you want to try the best, you had better buy a box today.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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