Zino Z ClassicThe Zino Classic is one of many options when it comes to choosing among Zino cigars. There are also several varieties of sizes among these stogies which greatly enhance smokers’ chances of finding one that suits their palates. Some smokers try a variety of stogies until they find a favorite, while others continue experimenting until they find a selection of favorites they like to rotate through, or smoke at different seasons or even times of the day. One that is too mild at night after a day’s worth of flavors on the tongue may be perfect in the morning, or after a subtly flavored gourmet meal.

One reviewer reports that the Embassy Collection for 2010 has Dominican binders and fillers while that the wrappers are Ecuadorian. They are medium bodied and available in a box of ten. The wrapper is described as being even colored with slight veining and a decent amount of oils. The first cold draw is described as sweet and peppery—so peppery in fact that the main flavors throughout the smoke are said to resemble that of pepper and wasabi! Cigar smoking enthusiasts report that a good amount of smoke is produced by these full-flavored smokes, but several reported that the black spotted dark gray ash only held on for about three quarters of an inch.

One review for the Zino Classic #3 describes the flavor as buttery with toast notes and spice. Another reviewer recommends the #6 for its extra spicy flavor, while commenting that the draw is easy. Others found the burn to be nice and even though the gray ash was alternately described as sometimes falling with poor timing, while a second reviewer had nothing negative to say about the ash. Instead he reported it didn’t come off until he wanted it to. Ultimately, even the first reviewer described it as mild and pleasant, rating it a three out of five.

Another site described the Zino Classic #6 as being of medium strength and composed of Honduran Jamastran tobaccos. The smoke is described as spicy and sweet smelling, as well as balanced. Given high ratings, and this premium cigar is a good buy with its reasonable price point.

The #7 is a smaller, shorter smoke—perfect for those times one wants to smoke but doesn’t have time to linger over it. The flavor is said to be amazing: a woody taste going from a medium full bodied to mild over the course of the smoke. This stogie was highly recommended as a good value.

The Zino Classic #8 was described as a gentler, milder Churchill with an Ecuadorian wrapper and Honduran filler and binder. The burn and draw was given high marks, and the amount of smoke produced is good. The flavor is described as woody with floral notes, with the woodiness growing in strength throughout the smoke.

No matter how well-trained one’s palate is from a first timer to a knowing aficionado, one of vitolas in the creamy and complex Zino Classic line is sure to please. A good cigar shop should be able to help a novice decide on the best smoke for his experience and taste preferences, as well as help with any needed cigar accessories. No matter one’s taste preferences, the people at the store should be able to help novices and aficionados alike to find the perfect smoke to fill their humidors at the right price.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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