Oliveros XL Cigars For MenThe Oliveros XL for Men is both intriguing and satisfying. The name almost sounds like it’s larger than a cigar. The creative name conjures up thoughts of a giant smoke that is larger than life. Perhaps this is the reference that is intended of this delightfully satisfying cigar. These smokes sport a Brazilian wrapper and feature a Connecticut broadleaf binder. The filler is Nicaraguan, Honduran and Dominican Republic tobaccos. It is produced in the Dominican Republic as well.


The Oliveros XL for Men cigars are produced in seven robust sizes which include:

Maduro: Size: 5'" x 52

Corojo: Size: 5'" x 52

Maduro: Size: 6'" x 55

Corojo: Size: 6'" x 55

Maduro: Size: 6'" x 56

Maduro: Size: 5 3/4'" x 60

Corojo: Size: 5 3/4'" x 60

Those who have tried this cigar have had plenty of positive things to report in their reviews. All of the reviewers agree that this line has produced a great looking smoke. This is important because the sight of the cigar is the first impression that an aficionado will receive, and knowing that this was a positive one has left a lasting impression.

Reviewers report that the Oliveros XL for Men starts out as a very spicy offering. Along with the strong taste of spice, they also say that profiles such as a woodsy oak flavor and an earthy flavor are also prevalent in the beginning of the cigar. They all agree that this cigar takes off right out of the gate and lets the smoker know that while the draw is tight and keeps reigns on the flavors, it is definitely going to be a complex cigar. They report that about half way through the smoke, hickory makes its first appearance. By the end of the smoke, the spiciness has returned full throttle and has brought along with it the oaken flavors as well as the earthiness for a final pass.

The reviewers gave the Oliveros XL for Men a higher rating than most other cigars. It has been noted as having great complexity and marvelous flavoring. The draw was said to be tight in the beginning, but loosened up enough toward the second and final thirds to really deliver a punch.

Other reviewers pointed out that this cigar also offered a slight sweetness that is detectable in the very beginning and at the very end of the smoke. They also noted that there was a lot of smoke with this cigar and that the ash held on for about an inch before it had to be tapped. A few noted that they had to loosen the draw of the cigar to be able to get a good draw from it, while most other reviewers all concluded that the draw was perfect.

Overall, everyone raved about the Oliveros XL for Men. Each reviewer concluded their analysis with a recommendation to all connoisseurs to buy this cigar and include it in their humidors. Most rated it above a ninety, which is very good for any cigar.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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