Xikar Cigar LighterXikar lighters are a must have in any cigar aficionado’s collection. The Xikar brand is known for its high quality, affordable products, and their lighters don’t disappoint. They have a state-of-the-art design, while being effortless to use and easy on the wallet. In addition, Xikar lighters come with an effortless lifetime warranty to guarantee their superior quality.

Choosing the right cigar accessories for you should take careful consideration as they all contribute to your smoking experience as a whole. When shopping for a lighter, whether at your local cigar shop or via an online cigar retailer such as Serious Cigars, you’ll find that there are many types and styles to choose from. There are the no-frills disposable single flame lighters that generally offer no additional features. They are extremely inexpensive but may not fit your immediate needs, depending on what your smoke of choice may be. On the other end of the spectrum are the more sophisticated styles with all the bells and whistles. Their prices vary along with their added features. The options available among lighters include multi-flame, flip top lids, built in punch cutters, adjustable flames, and the ability to be refilled. What you require in a lighter is dependent on what your own personal tastes and smoking needs are.

Xikar lighters are one brand that offers a wide range of lighters in its product line. Their lighters include the Candle Flame, Dual Jet, Enigma, Eris Windproof Jet, Exodus Circular Flame, Table Top, and Triple Torch just to name a few. They are stylish, high quality lighters set in a durable metal exterior. Each one is backed by a tremendous lifetime warranty through the Xikar brand itself.

In taking a closer look at the Xikar Axia, a dual jet model, you’ll find that it doesn’t fail to live up to the high level of superiority this company has to offer. The Axia has a natural, yet strong feel to it while offering a flawless performance every time. Its petite size is perfect for any pocket, yet does not take away from the even flame it ignites. The manual cover on top is a great addition as it keeps any unwanted debris from getting inside the lighter. This light offers an adjustable flame as well as an easily accessible ignition switch. In addition, fuel levels can be conveniently monitored through an exterior window on the backside. This is a perfect way to ensure that you will never find yourself with an empty lighter when you need it most.

In comparison, the Trezo triple torch is another excellent model offered in the line of Xikar lighters. It has an innovative design and provides the sole triple jet flame of its kind thus far. The two exterior flames ignite at an eight-degree angle towards the center, allowing for an accurate and even light time and time again. As with the Axia, this lighter includes a handy fuel adjustment knob making any flame changes effortless, as well as the highly useful fuel level window.

Whether it’s the Axia, Trezo, or another model that is right up your alley, you’ll find Xikar lighters to be an ideal addition to your collection. Their reliable yet inexpensive options are perfect for all types of smokers today. Serious Cigars offers a wide range of these Xikar products for you to choose from and will be sure to assist you in finding the one that best fits your personal smoking needs.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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