Xikar CuttersWhen considering adding a superior cigar cutter to your personal collection, consider a high quality Xikar cutter. While cutters eliminate or insert holes in cigar caps prior to lighting up, it is important to have a top of the line cutter such as a Xikar and know how to use it properly. Choosing your cutter is just as significant as selecting the cigar itself. Many cigar aficionados take pride in what awaits them in their humidors. The same attention should be given to the cigar accessories they use. An affordable Xikar cutter is the perfect addition to any smoker’s compilation that will not only fulfill your needs, but will also ultimately add to your positive smoking experience.

As with the actual components of a cigar, there are a number of options available when it comes to cigar cutters. They range from single or double blade cutters to the v-cutter style, and they vary in price and quality as well. No matter what style you choose, it should be sharp enough to allow for a flawless cut on whatever size of cigar you enjoy. The ideal cutter for you can also be dependent on the burn rate you hope to achieve. A straight-cutting, single blade or double blade cutter all have the look of a guillotine and provide a smooth cut every time. Both allow for a small portion to be trimmed off, resulting in the wrapper staying intact and a prolonged draw. V-cutters are made for larger cigars and come at both sides to make a deeper, clean slice all the way through. There are also cigar scissors, punch cutters and cigar knives to prepare your cigar for the perfect smoke. Which one you choose to utilize is truly a personal choice.

Xikar cutters are an outstanding option to consider when looking for one to call your own. Xikar produces high quality cigar tools including their spring loading, aluminum or fiberglass bodied cutters. The style is a dual blade, guillotine type that will accommodate up to a ring gauge of 54. The stainless steel blades of these cutters are housed in a unique ergonomic, raindrop shaped outer casing. The exterior is available in a wide range of colors, as well as chrome and wood. Their product line of cutters includes the Ultra Slim, X8, Xi, Xi2, Xi3, and the Zx lines.

In taking a closer look at one Xikar cutter in particular, the Xi2 is a more affordable, lighter weight cutter comprised of nylon fiberglass, which is available in a number of metallic colors. Its dual action stainless steel blades provide a clean, flush cut with the push of a single button. This cutter is durable and will withstand a high usage rate. Its sturdy exterior and lower cost make the Xi2 ideal for travel and outdoor excursions.

On the other end of the spectrum is the Xikar Xi3, which is a more expensive stainless steel model. As with the other lines, the Xi3 comes in a wide range of exterior options including wood such as zebrawood, beechwood and redwood. A rubberized handle is also available on this top of the line cigar cutter. They are a bit on the heavy side, but their pristine cut and distinctive features make the Xi3 a cutter for a serious cigar connoisseur.

Whatever you find your personal preference to be when it comes to a cigar cutter, it is important to pick one that will protect your investment. Your cutter’s performance can easily enhance the extent of the cigars flavor, while it’s appearance can make a strong statement about you as a cigar smoker. So, next time you’re in the market for the perfect cigar cutter to add to your collection, consider a Xikar cutter as your brand of choice.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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