Best Cigar HumidorsA humidor is a box that is specifically designed to maintain a certain level of humidity in either a box, or a room. The temperature must be maintained to ensure that the humidity level is correct. Most people associate them as being used to store cigars or pipe tobacco, but humidors can be used to store other goods for which a certain level of humidity is desirable as well.

They can be made of wood or glass, and they hold a limited amount of cigars. They are commonly utilized by the cigar smoker at home, although you often find a larger one that you can walk into inside a cigar store. If the store is one of the larger ones on the market, they may use an entire floor devoted to this purpose.

A humidor utilizes hygrometers to maintain humidity levels. What is a hygrometer? It is a device that measures the level of humidity. It plays an important role because humidity presents difficulty when trying to measure it accurately. These measurement devices generally rely on things such as temperature, which can lead to an accurate account of humidity. The temperature of the condensation allows the hygrometer to know how to measure the humidity changes.

There are many different sizes and types of these boxes, depending on where they are being used. You will encounter large humidors in places such as cigar bars. Most often you would find a cabinet version in a cigar store, but some people opt to have them in their homes as well. They are big enough to function as furniture because they can store as many as 5000 cigars. The table models are big and bulky, but they are designed to stay in one area and can hold up to a few thousand cigars. These are usually made of wood, but they can include elements of other materials such as marble or leather. For the casual cigar smoke, a personal model is usually a necessity. These are smaller and are usually kept in the home for storage. They generally hold approximately 75 cigars. This type is sometimes referred to as a desktop version. There are types that have been made specifically for travel and have been designed to carry cigars while you are on the go. They generally hold up to 10 cigars. They are usually made of leather to protect against crushing.

Humidor cases are most often constructed of wood, but you will sometimes find them made of glass or metal. While the finished product may be a thing of beauty, the purpose of the inside is to protect the cigar. This makes for an airtight and humidified environment, keeping your sticks perfectly fresh.

Most of these boxes have an interior that is derived from either cedar or mahogany. Cedar is the most frequently used wood for the interior and is excellent for cigar storage. Cedar promotes better moisture retention than other woods, and it lends its aromatic element to the cigars. Cedar also doesn’t give way to warping in high humidity. Of course, most people prefer the spectacular aesthetics of cedar because of its beautiful finish, as well as the aroma the wood itself emits.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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