Buy Flavored Cigars In Our Online Cigar StoreFlavored cigars are among the top reasons for the rising popularity in women smokers in recent years. While this demographic is not new to the smoking scene, the enticing varieties now available have surely encouraged an increasing number of them to join in. From subtle tastes of coffee, chocolate and mint, flavored cigars are a focus of many elite producers, such as Drew Estate and Rocky Patel with their Java collection.

Successful creators of fine stogies have quickly recognized the growing female demographic in the industry. Women have had a known connection to the business for thousands of years. Researchers have concluded that ancient Mayan women prepared and smoked tobacco just as much as the men of their time. During the 1920’s women often sold smokes and were labeled “cigar girls” for many years. That terminology gradually evolved as females began to enjoy them as a smoker rather than the supplier. As a result the “cigar girls” of the 90’s represented those women that were purchasing them for their own use. They discovered that not only did this acquired hobby bring them closer to their partners; it was a means for relaxation after a long day. The presence of female entertainers such as Sharon Stone and Madonna enjoying their own smokes has helped to increase the acceptance of this rapidly growing demographic in the industry.

The wide variety of flavored cigars, also known as “gourmet” has played a major role in their interest. The Java line-up is one notable favorite that has experienced immense success since their launch. Rocky Patel paired up with master producer Jonathon Drew of Drew Estates to create this unique blend originating in Estelí, Nicaragua. Their combined expertise in quality and infusion has produced this combination of cocoa extract and mocha java. This mixture along with premium Nicaraguan leaves are fermented and carefully wrapped to create a one of a kind stick, perfect for both men and women connoisseurs. This collection of flavored cigars includes the Java Coffee, Java Latte and the Java Mint. They each come in a range of sizes to accommodate everyone’s preferences. The female smoker tends to gravitate to a smaller gauge as it is a better fit in her hand.

The Java Coffee was launched in early 2005 and was the first attempt for these men to venture into this aspect of the business that largely focuses on women smokers. It is a medium bodied stick available in a Corona, Robusto, The 58, Toro and Wafe. Wrapped in a dark toned wrapper and filled with Nicaraguan leaves, it is aged in cedar giving its sweetness a small scent of wood. It is said to give off a sugary flavor combination of chocolate and espresso.

The Java Latte goes through the same careful infusing procedure and is wrapped in a flawless Connecticut Ecuador wrapper. It comes in the Corona, Robusto, The 58, Toro and Wafe as well. Reviewers of this particular smoke have said it is creamy and subtle, while providing a rich combination of the coffee and cocoa flavors this line is known for.

The Java Mint was created in response to many fan requests who wanted to experience a new twist to the Java line. This addition is available in Corona, Petite Corona, Robusto, The 58 and Toro. It is carefully wrapped in a Brazilian Maduro wrapper and is said to be an ideal blend of coffee, chocolate, vanilla and mint throughout.

These flavored cigars are ideal for both the new and experienced female smoker. They are a great after dinner dessert or for relaxing after a long day. 

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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