Alec Bradley Mundial Punta Lanza No. 7 Cigars Online SaleThe Alec Bradley Mundial cigar spent a lot of time in Bradley’s thoughts before finally being ready for its release. The owner of the company has stated that it took about five years to get the stogie from concept to production, noting that every time he started the project again, something distracted him from it. As a result, his idea for the blend aged much like a fine cigar, culminating in this stogie that aficionados are excited about.

The wrapper on the Alec Bradley Mundial is from the Trojes part of Honduras, a region that the brand uses frequently in its sticks. The binders are from Nicaragua and Honduras, and the fillers are also from Honduras and Nicaragua, particularly from Esteli. The stick is available in five vitolas, including No. 4 (4 1/4 x 48), No. 5 (5 1/8 x 52), No. 6 (6 x 54), No. 7 (7 x 52) and No. 8 (6 1/2 x 58). The wrapper is well done, with some minimal veining and a pleasant silky texture. The band is large and colorful, with a lot of ornamentation to help it stand out. The pre-light aromas consist of hay, barnyard and earth.

The first third of the stick produces flavors that aren’t present on the pre-light. The dominant note is a sweet cedar that remains strong throughout the initial part of the stogie. Near the end of the first third, some cinnamon, wood and leather notes all appear in the profile. They all play a secondary role, but are well balanced off of the cedar and give the smoke a lot of depth.

During the second third of this cigar, the cedar remains strong, but gives way a little to the other flavors in the stogie. The leather flavor is still present, but the cinnamon and wood fade out. In their place, some spice and a unique honey sweetness begin to emerge. The spice is most apparent on the retro-hale, though it does leave a slight tingle on the tongue.

In the last third, the flavor profile makes another huge shift, eliminating the cedar altogether. The spice is the only leftover from the second third, and it is still strongest on the retro-hale. Instead, a tasty mix of sweet fruit and nuts dominate the profile and give the stogie a nice finish.

A lot of love has been poured into the Alec Bradley Mundial cigar and it comes with some sharp construction as a result. The burn and draw are both very good and don’t interfere with the quality of the smoke. It rests comfortably between medium and full in terms of strength and body, though it is especially approachable for such a strong stogie. It is ideal for aficionados and enthusiasts with some experience. In all, Bradley’s five year plan with this blend has paid off, ending with a stick that any smoker should be proud to put in their humidor.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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