Choosing Cheap Electronic Cigarettes Over Quality Vaping DevicesMore smokers are getting into vaping, but many end up opting for cheap electronic cigarettes that are more trouble than they are worth. Although the industry is still young, it’s still possible to find a device that manages to fit a budget without giving away quality in the process. It’s important to note that a smoker gets what they pay for when purchasing a device. What may seem like a deal at first could end up costing much more in battery replacement, maintenance, and cartridge refills.

How can a smoker tell what cheap electronic cigarettes look like?

Most companies sell a starter kit that comes with a battery, a cartridge and an accessory or two. These kits tend to look the same whether the device is a two-piece or three-piece design. In general, a starter kit is going to cost at least $30, and a smoker should be wary of any device that costs less than this, as it may suggest inferior parts. 

Some people prefer disposable devices, as these tend to be cheap and convenient electronic cigarettes. Once the cartridge is empty, merely toss it in the trash. Most regular vapers, though, don’t choose disposable devices because they have weak batteries and limitations in flavor and strength options. Many smokers decide to switch to vaping precisely because they allow for detailed customization over a smoker’s experience. Choosing disposable devices defeats the purpose. 

What is the benefit of choosing quality devices over cheap electronic cigarettes?

Reusable devices are the option of choice for most regular smokers, as they produce a higher quality vapor and are compatible with more flavors and accessories. Over time, disposable devices will cost a smoker more, meaning a person will spend more money using an inferior product. Reusable devices cost more upfront, but they are a better fit for people who intend on using their device longer than a few months and regularly throughout the day. 

Reusable devices come in two varieties. A two-piece design consists of a reusable battery and a disposable cartridge. Each cartridge comes with an atomizer for vaporizing purposes, so the only thing that gets used again is the battery. In general, two-piece designs are better for people who prefer convenience over economy, as they tend to be more expensive. 

Three-piece designs have a reusable battery, a reusable atomizer, and a refillable tank that holds e-liquid. The e-liquid contains the nicotine and flavoring, and is available in a vast number of flavors. Three-piece designs offer a perfect comprise between cheap disposable electronic cigarettes and expensive two-piece options. They are less expensive than two-piece devices, but refilling and cleaning the liquid reservoir takes a little more effort.

In general, the more a smoker is willing to pay for their device, the better the battery and atomizer they’ll be able to get, and the more flavors they will access to. This is only true to a point, though, as it’s possible to get a quality device without having to spend an entire paycheck.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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