Cheap La Tee Da Fragrance Lamps At A Discount!La Tee Da fragrance lamps have a wide selection of scented products. Varied studies have projected that scent is a strong link to memory, and cigar enthusiasts everywhere like to fill their area with nice aromatic scents. It has a sophisticated menu of dazzling, layered bouquets, and we promise you will find the perfect aroma that is just right for you and your personal tastes.

The La Tee Da fragrance lamp comes in many shades of beautiful colors, including :  

  • amber-gold

  • green and white

  • indigo and black

  • jeweled retro

  • mini red

  • red leopard


The home aroma therapy market is booming, and it is a billion dollar industry that continues to show dramatic growth and potential for further expansion. Researchers attribute the growing trend of home scents popularity, especially in the United States, to the fact that we spend more time at home than ever before. La Tee Da fragrance lamps eliminate unwanted odors such as tobacco, cooking, pet odors, and musty smells. They do not cover up the odors like a candle does. Instead they completely eliminate the odor and then add a wonderful smell. They inhale the odors so you will not have to.

Actually the name says it all - “La Tee Da” fragrance lamp. They are wonderful and have aromatic home exchange elixir bouquets for unwanted odors of everyday existence. These unique choices include: Idyllic Refuge, Monogrammed Linens, Perfectly Pomegranate, Some Beach, Squeaky Clean, and Two to Tango.

Maurice Berger, who was a pharmacist, discovered over 100 years ago that the catalyst qualities that enable aromatic scents to eradicate offensive odors will not just cover it up, but will also absorb unwanted smells. They create an ambiance in any room, whether in your home or at your office. They are effective anywhere you want to provide a sense of comfort and well-being. They are the newest tradition in home and office fragrance. It creates a soothing and calm atmosphere that sets the stage for relaxation. These pieces produce sensational scents that are designed to give you hours of enjoyment and aromatic bliss every day. Go to your favorite online cigar shop and search for the La Tee Da fragrance lamp. You will be able to experience this unique and wonderfully scented delivery system for yourself, and in turn see why it is so wildly popular.

These drop dead gorgeous lanterns comes fully equipped with a lovely presentation box that includes a heavy crown, a wick, a funnel, and a 3.75 oz bottle of your favorite aroma. They far exceed any plug-ins, solids, or sprays because they last for hours to eliminate odors. They are incredibly effective for cigar smoke odor, and not just a cover up for it. This goes a long way when you are in your home and want it to smell good. This is a fantastic gift idea for any cigar smoker because it is super stylish and vibrantly vogue. You will not find these lanterns in the local supermarket or store as they are only sold in specialty gift and décor shops, and of course your favorite online cigar shop.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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