Davidoff HumidorDavidoff Humidors are world famous for their hand-crafted beauty, their reliable performance, and their amazing longevity.  Like all Cigar humidors, they are essentially containers used to store cigars. They are much more than simple wooden boxes, however.  Davidoff humidors are made with a level of quality unsurpassed, and the larger models are also manufactured with features that are considered optional cheaper equivalents.

In order to quantify and qualify the unique value of a Davidoff humidor, we have to first get a clear picture on what a humidor does to begin with.   In essence, a cigar humidor preserves the taste and aroma of cigars by keeping them moist.  This is done through a combination of the way a humidor is build on the inside and the work of a device called a humidifier.  The humidifier keeps the relative humidity at a desirable level in order to prevent cigars from drying out. 

New smokers are often puzzled when they first discover just how much importance aficionados assign to humidification.  Well, the reason is simply.  A dry cigar burns too fast and loses its flavor.  This is why, when you meet a serious cigar connoisseur, you will notice him or her treated their humidor with the utmost respect worthy of a large investment.  The serious smoker knows how much is at stake if premium cigars get ruined, so an in investment in something top of the line, such as a Davidoff humidor, is appropriate to both lifestyle and budget for those who take their smoking seriously.    

Whenever a new smoker goes out into the world to purchase a humidor, he or she needs to know what to look for, and to know what not to fall for.  Some places will offer cheap, plastic humidors to the new smoker as a convenient way of storing their cigars.  There is nothing wrong with a plastic container if one is going to use it for a temporary storage container.  It is a very bad idea, however, to count on something like this working for the long term. 

Not only will it offer plastic humidors as a discount.  These are all well and good as a temporary storage measure, but they are not good to use on a long-term basis.  A quality box, such as a Davidoff humidor, is going to have several distinguishing characteristics to guarantee freshness in your most premium cigars.  A wooden box with the following characteristics is mandatory for long-term cigar storage.

·         It is made out of wood.

·         It is lined with Spanish cedar.

·         It has been hand-crafted for a better, tighter seal.

·         Inside the box there is a raised lip around the edge.

·         A good humidor should be able to store least 25 to 30 cigars.

You get what you pay for.  A one-time investment in a top-of-the-line product like a Davidoff humidor will yield a lifetime of returns on investment.  There are also additional features that can be added to your humidor.  One of these is a lock, which keeps the curious and the thieving away from your stash of cigars.  Another feature is a set of elegant handles to make the box easier to carry.  A humidor can also be fitted with shelves and dividers that allow cigars to be organized by brand and line. 

Davidoff humidors are available in small, medium, large, and travel-size.  The large humidors are hand-made in a famous workshop in Switzerland. They are crafted from exotic hardwoods and then polished in natural wood veneers.  They are covered in the finest European leather and lined on the outside with brass fittings.  They also are also equipped with locks, handles, and trays.  Internal humidification systems are self-regulating—providing your cigars with optimal relative humidity necessary to preserve flavor and aroma.

The combination of superior craftsmanship and reliable technical function makes these cigar humidors the best investment for the serious cigar aficionado.  Because they are built to last a lifetime, they often become family heirlooms. 

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POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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