Aficionados once relied on local tobacco shops for their needs, but now many choose to buy cigars online. There are many reasons why this type of shopping is preferred. A lot of commerce has begun to make the switch from physical brick and mortar locations to sales that are conducted over the internet. Consumers cite various motives for this move to the virtual shops, such as convenience, privacy, affordability, selection and ease of browsing.

One of the biggest advantages to buying cigars online is that there are always cigar reviews available by simply entering a search for the brand into the search engine of choice. This would be very helpful to an aficionado who may have heard that a particular type of stick was great. This would be a good way to find out the flavor profile and the taste notes that it offered before making the purchase. Internet reviews can offer a lot of insight into the product and what is being said about it.

Of course buying cigars online is also helpful if a shopper is looking for a rare type of stick. Sometimes a line is only produced in a limited quantity to assure freshness and quality. These types of products are often extremely difficult to locate. If a customer is perusing local shops, it could take days to make enough stops to finally find the smoke. However, surfing the internet can be done from the comfort of their home and it will allow for multiple locations and stores to be searched. The bottom line ends up being a better chance at locating that hard to find stick.

Privacy is another reason that is cited for buying cigars online. This is just another reason why many connoisseurs choose to shop for their smokes on the internet. Some shoppers like to take their time and make an informed decision. In a physical store, sometimes there is a feeling of being rushed into a purchase, which is not something that will happen when shopping on the web.

Another great reason to buy cigars online would be the price advantages. Many times there are special pricing offered by a store that is located in another city or even another country. Of course, without the internet it would be impossible to know about these special events. However, by opting to join mailing lists and through careful searches done on the web, it is possible to find these wonderful opportunities.

Besides buying the actual tobacco products, shoppers can also browse the internet sites that sell tobacco for the many other accessories that are sold such as ashtrays, travel humidors, cutters, clips, lighters, humidors and many other types of smoking accessories.

Purchasing smoking accessories and tobacco products on the internet is also a great way to shop for gift ideas. Gift baskets are available at many sites on the web that offer the perfectly paired offerings or the ability for the purchaser to design their own gift basket based on the recipient’s particular preferences and style. This would make a thoughtful gift at work or for a loved one. 

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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