Corporate Christmas gift baskets are a solid choice when buying for coworkers or managers that like cigars or cigar accessories. Many brands in the tobacco industry offer a variety of items perfect for the holiday season, making it one of the best times of the year for cigar enthusiasts. These pieces range from simple cigar cutters and sampler packs to ornate humidors. In the past, cigar sampler packs often came with subpar stogies, but companies now focus on them specifically for the holiday season.

No cigar-themed corporate Christmas gift baskets are complete without a fine selection of stogies to fill out the package. Dozens of stogie makers produce sampler packs, including some of the biggest names in the industry, like CAO, Perdomo, Carlos Torano, Rocky Patel, Saint Luis Rey, Davidoff and L Atelier. Each sampler pack includes the brand’s most well-known cigars and they usually vary in vitola, complexity, and strength. This means that every smoker will be able to find something to like in a sampler pack from a respected manufacturer. This is perfect when shopping for an aficionado’s whose preferences are unknown. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on stogies they may not like, play it safe and ensure they will have something to enjoy.

Sampler packs are an important part of corporate Christmas gift baskets, but they can’t complete the picture on their own. Enthusiasts love collecting humidors, and no aficionado worth their salt can go without one. Humidors are functional and artistic. They preserve the integrity of each cigar, allow the blend to age and make it easy for a smoker to keep up with all of their stogies. Humidifiers range from simple sticks designed for a single cigar to beautiful, hand-crafted pieces that are as artistic as they are functional. Davidoff and Savoy, in particular, make humidors from Spanish cedar that can hold dozens of cigars. They are expertly finished and are luxurious enough to display. These humidors are the ideal item to center any corporate Christmas gift baskets around.

Every aficionado also has to have a number of accessories on hand to ensure they get the most from their smoking experience. Cigar holders, cutters and draw enhancers are all popular accessories for the tobacco enthusiast. Holders will prevent a smoker from misplacing or dirtying up their stick, cutters are essential for exposing the foot before toasting and draw enhancers free up a tight draw that might otherwise mar a stogie. Many draw enhancers are made from bronze and feature intricate, elegant designs.

Ashtrays and lighters are also coveted items among enthusiasts, and no corporate Christmas gift baskets should go without them
. Cigar ashtrays are perfect for neat and tidy aficionados and come in a variety of designs and materials. They range from humble wooden pieces to ornate porcelain objets d’art that exude class. Lighters, like those made by Davidoff or Rocky Patel, come with the aesthetically pleasing flip-top that protects the head of the lighter. Cigar lighters produce a more intense flame, ideal for the large surface area found on most modern cigar feet.

With these items, a gift giver can’t go wrong. Any aficionado would be pleased to receive the best cigars and accessories the industry has to offer.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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