Electronic Cigarette Kit For SaleFor someone wanting to step away from traditional cigarettes and try something new, many of them are looking for an electronic cigarette kit. They may be researching the Vapor Gen, the Fifty-One Duo, or any number of other available options. Many people discovering this smoking method are unsure of how it works, or if the same restrictions are placed on an electronic cigarette kit that is on traditional smokes.

Even though there are a variety of brands on the market, most of them function in a very similar way. A major difference would be either a two or three piece stick. The device will have a very similar appearance to a traditional cigarette, including a light emitting diode at the end. This will light up as the smoker inhales, giving the illusion of the real version. They also emit white “smoke” which is really water vapor. It will contain a battery and a cartridge that will hold the liquid. It can be activated in one of two ways, either by the user inhaling which initiates a pressure switch that starts the heating element, or by the user manually pressing a switch that activates the process. Depending on the brand, the amount of nicotine can be regulated by the user. Cartridges are sold with no nicotine, low, medium or high levels of nicotine. They also have the option of choosing different flavors like cherry, tobacco, and chocolate to list a few.

An electronic cigarette kit will come with a rechargeable battery, disposable atomized cartridge/filter, wall charger with a cord, and a user’s manual. Some kits will offer more than one battery and cartridge. There are also options to buy more accessories as well, like a car or USB charger. Some kits will come with a certain amount of charge already on the battery so that the customer can start enjoying their purchase right away. Typical charge time is under an hour, and the user has about ten hours of smoking time with one charge. A cartridge will last approximately the same time as twenty conventional smokes.

As for restrictions upon lighting one of these up after a customer has received their electronic cigarette kit, there does not seem to be any. These can be used in most non-smoking establishments and other restricted areas. That is because there is no tobacco, no smell and no second-hand smoke to annoy others in the vicinity.

Reviews that have come out about the Vapor Gen and the Fifty-One Duo are that both products give the customer exactly what they promise. The products are built with quality in mind. They offer the user a smoking experience without tobacco use, odor, and ash. The Fifty-One Duo electronic cigarette kit actually comes with a card that states that what the person is using is not a cigarette and lays out what the product actually is. It also explains that the smoke that they may be seeing is not traditional smoke, but that it is in fact water vapors, minimal if any nicotine, flavoring, and other non-harmful materials. Those non-harmful materials are propylene glycol which is commonly found in different flavorings, food coloring, and mouthwash. It is also considered safe by the FDA.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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