Where To Buy Electronic Cigarettes?Where can someone go to buy electronic cigarettes? The answer is, practically anywhere. Personal vaporizers, as they are also called, have hit the shelves of drug stores, mall booths, and gas station convenience stores. But some retail outlets are better suited for serious “vapers” than others.

Personal vaporizers come in various types and numerous styles. All utilize the same basic elements to generate vapor: an electric circuit and battery, an atomizer, and a tank or cartridge containing nicotine liquid.  

  • Disposables: All elements are fused together into one single part. This system works great for people who want to grab the occasional smoking alternative on the go.

  • Cartridge systems: These 2-piece devices generally fuse the battery with a nicotine cartridge/atomizer combo. The battery is rechargeable and reusable, while the cartridge/atomizer part must be replaced as the liquid reservoir is drained or the atomizer weakens. A cartridge/atomizer combo lasts most people about as long as a regular pack of traditional smokes, although longevity often depends on the strength of the user’s draw.

  • Tank systems: Fully customizable, this type of personal vaporizer consists of three separate parts (battery, nicotine tank and atomizer), all of which can be replaced and swapped for utmost flexibility. Available in a range of color choices, battery strengths, and nicotine flavors, this type is typically also supported by a wide variety of accessories.

When asking where to buy electronic cigarettes, it is important to consider what primary purpose the user has in mind. Will it be used for the occasional vaping experience in situations where traditional smokes cannot be used? A replacement of traditional smokes altogether or a combination of regular smokes and personal vaporizer?

While disposables may be a great option to have at hand for the occasional use at restaurants or other public places where traditional smoking is not allowed, the range of options for disposables is limited. Storefronts don’t typically offer a wide selection of brands, flavors, and nicotine strength. Cartridge devices offer somewhat more flexibility, and a handful of brands have recently popped up in drug stores as well.

Users who desire the best vaping experience will find that the internet is where they will want to buy their electronic cigarettes. Numerous tank system brands are available, allowing consumers to choose from various battery strengths, tank types, wicks, colors, styles, shapes (slim or sturdy, cigarette, cigar, or even pipes, etc.) and more.  Many Internet sellers offer more than one brand, and starter kits are generally a convenient, low cost way to launch into vaping.


For the greatest selection, online retailers are once more the preferred choice for most users. There are literally hundreds of nicotine liquid flavors ranging from traditional tobacco to peach, coffee, lemon and peppermint, to caramel, apple, and any combination thinkable.  In addition, online retailers allow customers to choose from several nicotine strengths: low, medium, high or zero nicotine.


Internet sellers support their lines of personal vaporizers with an impressive line of accessories, including regular and pass-through chargers, e-cigarette cases, as well as syringes and containers for the dispensing of nicotine liquid.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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