Buy Cigars Online At Discount Prices!For someone that wants to buy cigars, whether in a regular brick and mortar or online cigar store, it can seem overwhelming. First, how does one know they are purchasing a premium product? What are some things to look for when one wants to buy cigars? Let’s go over those points so that the next purchase can be done with confidence.

First, let’s go over what to look for when someone wants to buy cigars in a traditional store. Going in to a local tobacconist is probably a good way to start if someone is a novice. There, someone behind the counter can help assist in choosing the right stick. Here is some basic information as well. There are well over a 1,000 brands available to date. Depending on the region of where the tobacco is grown makes the difference in the flavor and strength. Typically, tobacco grown in the Dominican Republic and Jamaica are on the milder side. Honduran grown tobacco tends to lend itself to be a more full body tobacco. If one was looking for something in the middle, then a Mexican or Nicaraguan tobacco may be the best choice. Another thing to remember is that the darker the wrapper, the more powerful the punch and the stronger the flavor. A smoke that has a natural wrapper, or lighter colored wrapper, tend to be more on the milder side. Also, if someone is looking for a real full body and complex smoke, then a thicker ring gauge may be preferred. Another question many people have is if the different sizes really make a difference in the smoking experience. The answer would be yes and no. Yes, the longer the stick, typically, the longer the smoke time. This also gives the smoker more time to really enjoy a full body smoke, especially if it is blended with infused tobacco or multiple tobaccos. Not to say that shorter sticks are not packed full of flavor, and they can be, one just wouldn't have as much time to enjoy it. It can also lessen the experience of any transitions. Many cigars that have blends tend to move and shift in flavor. These can really be detected in a larger stick.

When one is going to buy cigars, and are able to actually put them in their hand before purchasing, what are some things to look for? First, the wrapper should be smooth, with no veins. It should also be oily and shiny. The oiliness can vary from stick to stick due to humidity in the humidor and other contributing factors. Regardless, it should not be dry or feel brittle. When it is rolled between the fingers, it should feel well packed. There should be no soft spots, but there should be some give. This will give some insight to the draw of the smoke as well. If it is firm, but has a little give, the draw should be effortless.

Finally, what should someone look for if they were going to buy cigars online? If one is not sure where to start, start with the wrapper. Do they like dark or lighter wrappers? Then what about flavors? Maybe bold is more their forte? Maybe a good after dinner smoke is more of what they are in the market for. Most companies that have online stores give pretty good descriptions about the cigars that they offer. This can help with the flavor selection. Also, look at reviews and blogs posted by others that have smoked the same sticks. Many companies also offer sampler packages, and that is a great way to get a better idea of the cigar that fits.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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