Padilla Maduro CigarThe industry recognizes the Padilla Maduro cigar as one of the best boutique brands on the market. From the competition to the aficionados, there is definitely agreement that this company produces some of the best smokes that are available today. Quality is always one of the items that this company holds in high regard. They understand that it takes a great tobacco product to produce the extraordinary offerings they are known for.

The Padilla Maduro cigar is served up in a San Andres negra wrapper. Dominican, Honduran and Nicaraguan tobaccos make up the filler and binder. Each of these smokes have been carefully hand rolled in the Dominican Republic. They are packed with a medium to full bodied flavor profile that is sure to please even the most discerning aficionado. Most of the reviews that were available were from those that had offered their remarks on the Robusto size, which measure in with a 5 x 54” ring gauge.

Those who smoked this large stick said that the first third offered up wonderful woodsy flavor notes. There was a quaint spice note that also accompanied the wood. From cedar to oak and all points in between, there was a buffet of wooden goodness to enjoy. This was how the smoke began and continued throughout the first third. The middle third was where things began to get even more complex and interesting. The woodsy flavor notes remained and began to get stronger. Black cherry was also introduced at this point. The middle third also allowed the Padilla Maduro cigar to show its true medium to full bodied splendor quite nicely. The final third kept the great variations of woodsy flavor notes and spice. Dark coffee features were also prevalent. There was a grand entrance made by leather notes in the final third of this smoke.

The company that produces the Padilla Maduro cigar takes full advantage of the best blenders and rollers in the business. They keep the limited quantity boutique niche because this enhances the freshness and appeal of their tobacco products.

From the wrapper that was oily and nearly perfect to the great blends of premium tobaccos, this stick surely does not disappoint. From the first offering forward, this company has received higher than average ratings in all categories. This is quite a feat for a small boutique company.

There weren’t any bad or mediocre reviews for this product to be found. It seems that everyone that has offered an opinion about the Padilla Maduro cigar has become entranced with its rich tobacco taste and great flavor profiles.

The brand has instant recognition in the industry with anything they produce, and aficionados seem to really pay attention when this line is mentioned. This offering is one of the must have sticks for any humidor as its broad flavor notes are sure to please any palate. This company is definitely on its way, producing high quality sticks that don’t disappoint. These gems can be found either in one’s neighborhood or in an online cigar shop.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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