One of the best gifts a tobacco aficionado can get from friends or family is a batch of personalized cigars. The only thing better than a clutch of delicious sticks is a clutch of premium sticks engraved with a company logo, person’s name or nearly any design possible. This can be done with a highly sophisticated laser engraver that can produce a sharp image without damaging the stogie.

They Look Great, but Do Personalized Cigars Ruin the Flavor?

Little energy is used in the engraving process so the wrapper is not burned. This is important because burned tobacco is foul tasting tobacco. In the past, tobacco enthusiasts have avoided laser engraving, fearing that it would damage the blend and ruin the taste of the smoke. Fortunately, laser engraving is now sophisticated enough that it can produce a sharp image without affecting how the stogie tastes.

Personalized Cigars: The Perfect Gifts for Tobacco Enthusiasts

Stogie aficionados spend a lot of time indulging in their hobby and often consider it a major part of their identity. Strong communities form around the hobby and lifelong friends are made through it. For this reason, anything that can make it feel more personal will be treasured.


Any number of images can be engraved; all of them produced in high contrast style that makes them clearly stand out on the wrapper. Most people choose to use their name, though many also choose to place a company logo or name instead. In fact, laser engraving can be an easy way to generate some easy PR. Engraving a batch of cigars with a company name and handing them out to prospective clients can make a memorable impression.

What Other Laser Engraving Options Do Aficionados Like?

In addition to personalized stogies, laser engraving can be used to image a variety of cigar gifts and accessories. This includes cutters, lighters, humidors, ashtrays and a number of other accessories. When combined with engraved stogies, an aficionado can completely customize their smoking experience and make it clear that they take their hobby seriously. Humidors and other accessories are often made with a high degree of artistry, so some enthusiasts choose to engrave these and display them in their office or study. When put on display, they are sure to draw a huge amount of interest and serve as a conversation piece.

Who Can Produce a Customized Accessory or Stogie?

Serious Cigars has been a leading stogie supplier in the Houston area and beyond since its foundation in 1997. The company has recently added laser engraving to its huge range of services and products and can produce custom imaging for any stick or accessory an enthusiast could want. There are also hundreds of stogies available through the company’s online store, most of which can be engraved with a custom image or message.


Anyone who is interested in customizing their smokes or accessories with laser engraving can get more information about the process by calling or e-mailing the company.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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