Camacho makes some of the finest Honduran cigars.Honduran cigars are among the finest tobacco products ever made. People who smoke them quickly fall in love with their taste, smell, and looks. Several manufacturers produce Honduran-based products. Each product does well because of where the tobacco originated. The location where it was grown makes a huge difference, because each location grows leaves that have certain characteristics which determine their quality. Obviously, Honduran cigars have such great characteristics that millions of people purchase them on a regular basis. Most of the reviewers say that they do not smoke any other kind because they enjoy them so much.

There have been multiple companies that have recently begun to produce these types of sticks. One such company is Ocean State Cigars, Inc. They have only been around for a very short period of time and have recently come out with a couple of series of sticks. One that they are manufacturing is the J. Grotto Series. All the reviews about this product are consistent in saying that the appearance is very appealing to the eye. The dark red label stands out and gives it a classic look. It looks to be very tightly wrapped with fine veins.

Reviewers stated that the wrappers were oily, which made them more enticing to smoke. The ashes held on strong and did not fall to pieces easily. Smokers also agree that the overall draw was just right. People who have smoked them have noted they began with a slightly spicy flavor that quickly was subdued by a fruity taste that was very pleasant to the palate. They went on to say that the middle portion had a wide variety of flavors before it finished with a mixture of butter and earth.

Gurkha is a company that has been making Honduran cigars since the late 1800’s. Needless to say, they have plenty of experience in this field. Being in business for such a long time is a testament to how well liked they are among the cigar smoking aficionados, as well as those new to smoking these robust sticks. According to the reviews read about these products, they had a nice vintage appearance. The tight draw in the beginning progressively opened up as smokers made their way through them.

The Black Dragon is one of the more popular products from the Gurkha Cigar Company. Reviewers, worldwide, find that the flavor has a smooth and creamy vibe to it. Throughout the stick, they noticed a mild, leathery taste that laid the foundation of the flavor. Towards the end they could taste more woody and earthy notes.

Even though Alec Bradley is based in America, they produce Honduran cigars. All of the ingredients that make their exquisite products originated from Honduras. The American Classic Blend is one of the newer lines that this company has come out with. The reviews were all in agreement about how wonderful this product is. From the construction all the way to the very last puff, reviewers thoroughly enjoyed this product. It was said to have a smooth beginning and became more favorable throughout the experience. The overall flavors of these Honduran cigars include delicious notes of cream, nuts, wood, earth, and chocolate. No wonder consumers love this product so much. 

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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