What are the best cigars? The answer, of course, depends on an individual smoker’s preferences, and might be hard to itemize, unless it is an individual list. However, if there are some agreed upon, parameters, it can be easier to come to such a conclusion. A good starting place might just be looking at those that sell the best, since that is at least going to indicate which ones are being purchased the most. While it is always possible that people are buying popular sticks only to find they do not like them at all, common sense says that the popular ones are popular for a reason--which is that people like them.

Though there may be some regional variations, it is likely that many of the top sellers in one area will match up with top sellers in another, and that can give a smoker an idea of the overall best cigars.

One site lists the top ten most popular lines, and among the site’s top lines when ranking the best cigars are: the Macanudo, the Arturo Fuente, the H. Upmann, and Ashton.

Macanudos are shipped from Santiago in the Dominican Republic to cigar smoking fans around the world. The filler is a blend of mild Dominican tobacco, the binder is Mexican, and it has a Connecticut wrapper. These are very consistent, and offer a mellow, smooth taste.

From the father and son universally reputed to be masters in the industry, Carlos Fuente, Sr. and Jr., the Arturo Fuente line consists of Dominican, hand rolled sticks of wonderful quality. The Gran Reserva is the regular blend and has a mild to medium body, with spicy, nutty accents. These are considered to be among the most consistent hand-made cigars in the world, which surely earns them a spot on the best cigars list.

Available for more than a century and a half, the H. Upmann line is known for producing rich, smooth sticks that originate from the Dominican Republic. These have been recognizable to many for years because of their flawless construction, reliable consistency and their famous nutty flavor.

The Ashton line, from the Dominican Republic offers three styles: the Traditional, the Aged Maduro, and the Aged Cabinet. These cigars encompass a variety of strengths that range from mild to medium stick; so there is bound to be something to suit nearly every palate.

One group has a website that lists its own picks for the top ten for 2010, emphasizing that their list of best cigars does not include any from Cuba. They are not legally available in the United States and, as such are very difficult, not to mention expensive, to obtain. This particular list also only includes 2010 releases, and does not include any that were a limited run or are otherwise unavailable after 2010. This list includes the Padron Family Reserve #44 Maduro at the very top of the list while the CAO La Traviata Divino Maduro and the La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Magnifico round out their top three.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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