Best Luxury Fragrance Lamps Luxury fragrance lamps are the newest of all these products. These are very appealing to the eyes. They are like the limousines of the scent world. Considering the meek beginnings, these luxury fragrance lamps are in a whole other league. The creation of the first generation of these popular items came way back in the 1800’s in France. A man by the name of Maurice Berger got a patent on his stone wick which was the heart of the design. With the wick attached to a stone, it became possible to heat the stone until the flame was no longer needed. To keep the aroma going, all that was necessary was to keep the oil reservoir filled. The best part of these specialized vessels is that they actually purify the air and eliminate strong odors even in homes or offices with cigar smoking residents or household pets. Berger started his own company and it is still running today. It is still possible to buy his original model, but many prefer the convenience of the updated electrical version today.

A luxury fragrance lamp can come in all sorts of shapes, designs, colors, and even sizes. Compared to the basic models, this high end model looks stylish, eloquent, classy, and very decorative. While most of the regular ones are made of ceramic, these are usually made of crystal. Of course with better material and looks you are going to pay a little more money—many are pieces of art in their own right. The people who purchase them are totally satisfied though because of all attention they get. It is still possible to purchase all of one’s favorite scents for either model.

One really cool feature about these luxury fragrance lamps is that they not only look great, but they also have a way that you can control the amount of aroma you want to put out. The electric ones include a dimmer switch that easily manages how strong the scent is and how bright the light is. Not all warmers, as they are sometimes called, have a visible bulb. The luxury models make it a point to provide the best options of all the different types. An electric one that lets the light shine through is not only an aromatic effusion fragrance lamp, but it also a beautiful nightlight with a dimmer on it that can provide ambiance as well.

The regular versions are made of ceramic. Ceramic is very nice and can come in any design you want and need. You can pick out one that is perfect for every holiday, or if you are a diehard fan you can get one of your favorite team. The two words that come readily to mind at the thought of these ceramic scent extravaganzas are “aroma” and “effective.” A luxury fragrance lamp on the other hand is made of crystal glass and comes in beautiful designs that can resemble breath-taking flowers blooming. All of the many colors are still offered including red, blue, purple, pink, and combinations thereof among many others. These can easily be the centerpiece of an elegant dining room table.

There is nothing better than something that looks gorgeous and gives off a strong sensational scent. It will get the attention it deserves from everyone who sees it. So choose a scented warmer that is guaranteed to stand out from the ordinary and purchase the top of the line. They make great housewarming gifts, too, as well as cigar accessories for the smokers in the office or home!


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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