Many smokers agree that a great electronic cigarette to buy is a Vapor Gen.The best electronic cigarette to buy is one that is reliable, versatile and is also inexpensive. There are few on the market that meets all three of these standards, but the Vapor Gen is one of them. Unlike many other models, which put a lot of money into marketing and branding, the Vapor Gen is a well-built device that doesn’t rely on its image to sell itself. Because of this, it is one of the most cost effective products available, and is built to last.

Usually, the cost of a popular model will be around $60 to $70. The Vapor Gen is priced at around half of this, and this makes it a smart electronic cigarette to buy for those that don’t want to spend a small fortune on an alternative smoking device. To get started, a smoker also has to purchase flavored cartridges or liquid, and this will cost a little extra. Here, the price is comparable between the Vapor Gen and other models, each costing around $15. The final tally comes out to about $25 to $35 saved on the starter kit and flavoring. These savings are significant, but they are only relevant if the device is reliable enough to last over the long haul.

Fortunately, the Vapor Gen is a sturdy device, and its construction ensures that it is less likely to fail than other models. For those that want an electronic cigarette to buy that is consistent in performance, this one fits the bill. In general, there are two major forms an alternative smoking device can come in. It can either be built to handle disposable cartridges, or it may contain a reservoir into which flavored liquid is poured. While models that support disposable cartridges are easier to maintain, they are more likely to suffer from performance issues. This is because the cartridge packs sometimes come with a defective cartridge or two, and this is something the smoking community has taken notice of. Until the industry gets more established and perfects its manufacturing and quality assurance processes, this will likely continue to be an issue in the future.

The Vapor Gen doesn’t suffer with reservoir problems because this electronic cigarette uses flavored e-liquid and a reservoir instead. An atomizer, powered by a replaceable battery, vaporizes the liquid and delivers it to the smoker in the form of vapor. The use of these e-cig components make it a reliable electronic cigarette to buy, because the device offers consistent performance. The user does need to keep up with maintenance a little more, because the liquid can leave residue if allowed to sit for long. At the most, this just means the smoker has to clean out the device periodically.

Another factor in the Vapor Gen’s favor is how many flavors and nicotine levels it can accept. While most models are only compatible with a handful of flavors, the Vapor Gen can be fitted with a few dozen different tastes. For those that want an electronic cigarette to buy that can work for both the light and heavy smoker, this model is also adaptable. It ranges in six levels of strength, from no nicotine at all to 16mg, which is the equivalent of a typical smoke.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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