Cigar Draw EnhancerAnyone who is a cigar aficionado is familiar with draw enhancers. They are extremely useful and helpful when smoking a cigar. The reason for these great tools lies within understanding how a cigar is manufactured. When the tobacco leaves are dried and then rolled into a wrapper, they are packed tightly so that the cigar can be smoked and enjoyed over a long period of time. If they are wrapped too loosely, the result would be an uneven burn. It will also burn rather quickly, such as the tobacco that is found inside a cigarette does. Because of the extremely tight wrapping and packing of tobacco, sometimes it can become difficult to pull smoke through the cigar. The tobacco is woven together and this provides a barrier that will not allow the smoker to coax smoke through the lit cigar. This is where well designed draw enhancers come into play.

The tools known as draw enhancers are usually made of six inch stainless steel rods that are about the size of an ink pen refill cartridge. They are usually designed with three notches in them. The reason for the notches is to pull the tobacco to the side from within the cigar after the tool is inserted. This allows a path to be formed, allowing the smoker to then receive the smoke more easily. The notches are also important because if too big of a hole is made in the center of the cigar, the result will be what is known as a tunnel burn. This means that the cigar will burn too quickly and the flavor will be lost. Therefore, the hole has to remain rather small. That makes these tools perfect for the job.

There are also tools known as nubbers which are draw enhancers that are designed especially for the nub of the cigar. These are made just like those designed for whole cigars only they are half the size, coming in at three inches. They are also designed from stainless steel. Aficionados find these very helpful because without them, burning the fingers while trying to perform this action with a toothpick or other type of improvised tool is almost a given.

Another feature that is built into draw enhancers today is the handle. The handle can actually make this very helpful tool look like a work of art because many times that is exactly what it is. Any type of design that is imaginable is available. A quick search will net anyone choices that range from octopi to dragons, as well as abstract sculptures. This makes the tool a conversation piece at any smokers club or gathering. These works of art serve as a handle with which to hold the tool while performing the task at hand on the cigar. The result is a fashionable tool that protects the fingers from unnecessary burns.

Nearly all of these tools are designed with a carrying case. The enhancer will fit neatly inside of to avoid punctures of clothing or briefcases while transporting them from one place to another.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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