Premium cigars are characterized by superiority in taste, aroma, preparation, and overall appearance.  Much goes into the creation of a premium cigar to justify its price and reputation.  Only the most experienced torcedores are trusted with this process, because only they know how to make the cigar burn smoothly at just the right rate of speed.  


Premium cigars are always rolled with long filler is used, which is made exclusively from full-sized leaves that run the entire length of the cigar.  These leaves have to be carefully picked and carefully handled.  They must be stored impeccably and aged intact.  The most important part of this process, in fact, is aging.   It is just like fine wine.  Fine tobacco needs time to cure and develop truly superb quality.    


In most instances, long filler will be exclusively chosen from one single country of origin, such as Honduras or Nicaragua or Cost Rica.   This will ensure that the taste of each and every cigar in the box remains consistent that of the previous cigar smoked. 


The wrappers used in the best cigars are also characterized by some unique, distinguishing attributes.  (The wrapper is a high-quality, single leaf of tobacco that is elastic and wrapped around the filler.)


A premium wrapper should have no visible veins on the leaves and be without blemish of any kind.   The aging process is crucial to the creation of a high quality wrapper, because it is the aging process that determines its color and shade.  Essentially, there are three basic shades of wrappers that are used to roll the highest quality cigars.


The first of these is the Candela, also known as the Double Claro.  It has a yellowish-greenish color to it, and it is considered to have the mildest flavor and the sharpest aroma. 

The second shade is the Natural, also known as the English Market Select, or EMS.  It has a light brown or medium brown color.  The taste of EMS rounded and has a more relaxed aroma to it.  Natural shade is the most popular premium wrapper.

The third shade of wrapper is the Maduro.  It is the darkest in color, being almost mahogany place.  It has the richest flavor and aroma of the three.


All premium cigars have very unique and highly sought-after flavors.  Experienced smokers will all tell you that the very best tobaccos can be recognized with a puff or a quick scent in the air.  Not only that, but ever cigar has additional, more subtle flavors known as overtones which result from additives.  These additives go into both the fillers and well as the wrappers. 


Popular flavors include pepper, cooking spices, leather, earth, toast, nut, berry, almond, coffee, woods, and even grass.  Every one of these are aromatic overtones are something that some experienced smoker, somewhere in this wide great world of ours, not only likes, but genuinely loves.


The aroma of a premium cigar also results from additives.  Common aromas include apple, orange, cherry, chocolate, coffee, and whisky.  In order to maintain both taste and aroma, it is mandatory that cigars be properly humidified in a quality humidor to ensure their preservation. 


It is a matter of general principle that lighter colored wrappers are known for their milder flavors and fewer aftertastes.  Darker wrappers will normally have a much richer in flavor.  This is not an absolute rule, however.  A truly great cigar is a masterpiece that defies fixed categorization and certainly transcends all stereotypes.    

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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