What Are The Types Of E-cigarette To Choose FromHerbert A. Gilbert created the e-cigarette prototype back in 1963.  At that time, the device was never commercialized.   In 2003, a pharmacist in China named Hon Lik was officially credited with the invention of this product. Fast-forward to today and the consumer will see many brand names associated with this device.  Some popular brands that produce this device include Blu, Vype and Green Smoke.

Let’s look at the way this product works.  The device is battery-powered.  It converts liquid nicotine into a vapor that can be inhaled.  Other components of the device include a cartridge for the nicotine, an atomizer and a LED light. Unlike regular sticks, there is no ash or smoke smell.   There are also disposable and refillable brands in the market.

A disposable device can be used once and thrown away.  The consumer does not have to assemble the product each time as it has already been put together.  An activation tab is pulled, and the device is ready.  This particular unit has proven to be popular in travel situations.  The materials are also recyclable which helps the environment.

A refillable e-cigarette is just what the name implies.  The device can be refilled each time with a new cartridge.   This type of product can also be used more than once which saves on the overall cost.

Consumers of this device can choose from disposable or refillable options.  It all depends on your preferences.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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