What Are Some Popular Sweet Tipped Cigars Premium Brands Offer?It’s hard for smokers not to roll their eyes when they think sweet tipped cigars, but the thinking on these stogies is starting to change. With companies like CAO, Gurkha, Torano, Drew Estate and Nat Sherman starting to produce sugary smokes, aficionados can expect nothing but quality from these brands. Nat Sherman, in particular, has garnered attention for its Host blend, a milder stick that brings complexity and interesting flavors to the table.

What are some popular sweet tipped cigars?

CAO’s Flavours is one of the best known lines of flavored smokes and consists of several combinations, including cherry, vanilla and honey. In the past, aficionados have expressed a lot of trepidation over flavors that are sprayed onto the stick, as this can make the smoke taste artificial. More respected brands like CAO, however, permeate these flavors into the blends during the cultivation process. This gives the stick a more natural taste.

The Gurkha Grand Reserve is another popular choice and is imbued with hard to find Louis XIII Cognac. This flavor is subtle and weaves itself into the flavor profile well. The Torano Decadencia is worked over with a luscious chocolate Port that gives the profile a rich, unique taste.

Drew Estate ratchets up the imbuing process even more by curing their tobaccos in a room full of herbs and oils, giving each stick an earthy, floral taste.

The Nat Sherman Host, though, is still one of the most respected sweet tipped cigars years after its first release. The Host has Honduran binders and fillers and wrapped with a light Connecticut Shade. The Connecticut Shade is an ideal wrapper for milder blends and is a natural pairing to sugary blends. The initial third of the Host brings these concepts to the fore, with a profile that evokes hay, nuts and some fluffy vanilla. The vanilla is very apparent on the finish, where it leaves a nice tingle on the lips. The first-third of the smoke also brings in a creamy flavor that merges with the nutty taste, making the smoke taste like dessert.

It’s more of the same in the second-third, though the addition of some spice and coffee deepens the profile further. Overall, the vanilla, nuts and cream are the strongest notes and make for a mild experience. Around the halfway mark, the blend does get a little more robust, though it remains on the lighter side of medium. Some earth spice also shows up.

In the last third, the flavors are identical, though the vanilla also presents in the smoke itself as well. Some reviewers also detected a Graham cracker taste near the end of the stick, giving it one last desert flourish before it settles down for good.

Historically, it’s been a mark of pride for aficionados to take on the heavy hitters in tobacco, but even the lighter blends can offer a unique, worthwhile experience if the right cigars are picked out.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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