Ashton cigar Ashtray OnlineAshton cigar ashtrays are a part of the respected company that is both nationally and internationally well known. They are esteemed for their commitment to the manufacturing and distribution of the world's finest stogies and bowls. They are made with the finest of precision, and they are available in crystal and ceramic.

The Ashton cigar ashtray is a high quality crystal or ceramic smoke bowl that proudly features the company name and crown in gold encircling the sides. The jet black ceramic bowl that most everyone is familiar with has been placed in cigar stores all over the world. It is a 4 stick piece with a very deep bowl. It was designed specifically to hold plenty of ash and debris. The holds are the perfect size to keep the stogie properly rested. You can feel confident that there will be no chance for them to roll out onto the table or the floor. They also have a small version that compliments the larger one. It has the same basic design with only one exception, it holds three sticks instead of four. The Ashton cigar ashtray comes in a ceramic car design which is absolutely genius. It is slick, chic, and guaranteed to enhance conversation around the table. It will definitely add to the ambiance of the evening. This is a beautifully crafted bowl that also dons the stately logo on the side. Last, but certainly not least, are the quaint and lovely crystal Ashton cigar ashtrays. These exquisite bowls are elegant enough to suit any area of your home or business office. They are quite regal and will compliment even the manliest of décors. They are truly masterful pieces.

The name itself offers the connoisseur a remarkable variety of beautiful receptacles and other accessories that are made in the highest grade quality. In this past time, the Ashton name is one of the biggest, and has earned the utmost respect from aficionados the world over. You can find these beauties in any online cigar shop. Rest assured that they will have them in stock. Even though they are hard to keep around, these store owners know when it is necessary to keep a good thing coming. The smoke line itself is majestic in quality and will send you on a journey that you will not want to come home from. This is an amazing brand, and everything that carries its name is well respected in this industry.

This is a perfect ashtray to host your favorite stick for a nice relaxing evening. There are few things finer than enjoying your favorite stick while unwinding from the strenuous day. With Ashton cigar ashtrays you can do just that. Be sleek, be confident, and be wise – choose these gems for all your smoking needs. They are also a great gift idea and nearly any aficionado love to receive one. It may be for that favorite smoking buddy, or for a special colleague or business partner. This can be just one of the many ways to tell them you appreciate them.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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