Ashton VSG Pegasus Cigars For Sale OnlineDeciding to smoke Ashton VSG Pegasus cigars just makes sense because of the superior quality and exceptional taste with each toke. Manufactured by hand, each of these stogies is a fabulous addition to any humidor and for all levels of smokers. Aficionados worldwide enjoy the full flavor and delicate tastes emitted by this favorite from the Dominican Republic. Whatever level of the smoker, this is a stogie that will win just about any heart.

The wrapper is a very flavorful addition to this awesome smoke. The distinctive flavor actually originates from a privately held Ecuadorian estate. Owned by a single family, the Fuente Family has exclusive rights to those very special leafs. Each stogie is wrapped in the excellence of the earth with a strong flavorful blend of delicious tobaccos thanks to homegrown virgin soil.

When experiencing the Ashton VSG Pegasus cigar for the first time, most folks appreciate the intoxicating flavors of the filler. Aged tobaccos from the Dominican Republic make the inside as beautiful as the outside. The full-bodied strength and flavor burn evenly with a nice steady ash. Appreciating this amazingly fresh stogie is easy, especially because of its “Virgin Sun Grown” excellence. In fact, the company states that the tobacco is guaranteed aged by the sun for no less than 3 years.

The first third is a delicious blend of flavors. The slight spice is not overpowering the superior chocolaty aroma. The beautiful wrapper has thick veins that appeal to any level of smoker without taking away from the overall look of the stogie. Folks have nothing but good things to say about these stogies, and today, some claim this is the most demanded smoke thanks to the look and smell upon first glance.

Having Ashton VSG Pegasus cigars in the humidor is a sign of excellence. This is one smoke that keeps giving all the way to the end. Rich in color, the smoker will appreciate the feel of the stogie in the fingers with its deep, thick veins and deliciously dark wrapper. The perfect combination for any level of smoker ensures that those “Virgin Sun Grown” bits of heaven will remain a favorite for years to come.

The final third has folks raving. The finish is even richer than the beginning. No one likes a smoke that doesn’t have follow through. However, this Ashton VSG Pegasus cigar provides the follow through many of those other smokes cannot offer. The rich end has been described as “intoxicating” because of the famous follow through. Even the beautiful smoke rises evenly from the ashy end. Less dropped ash means more control.

Having a better smoke means knowing a better stogie when it is encountered. Ashton VSG Pegasus cigars are a slice of heaven offering a rich and distinctive flavor from the beginning. With handsome veins and a deliciously dark wrapper, the stogie is a favorite in all humidors. Virgin Sun Grown tobacco leaves are utilized to perfection with each leaf guaranteed aged by at least 3 years. The final product is a wonderful smoke that has the follow through to please even the most finicky of smokers.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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