Villiger Talanga Cigars Are Exquisite Premium CigarsThe Villiger Talanga cigars were a welcomed and raved about new arrival to the 2012 ICPCR Trade Show. This company has consistently provided stogies of reliable quality with low price points, but has been passed up by many for only making products considered to be average. This quickly changed at the end of 2011 when Roy MacLaren became the president of the company.

Under the new direction and creative control of Roy MacLaren, Villiger released its first two premium cigar lines. These lines keep the tradition of outstanding quality and prices while offering a taste only found with the rarest and most luxurious stogies. The initial release of the Talanga incorporated a robusto 5x50, a double robusto 5½x54, a toro 6x50, and a Churchill 7x50. Both lines were re-released this year powered by a presidential-style marketing campaign, the Discover Tour. The aim of this tour was to introduce the new corona selecto 5x46 and lancero 7x40 vitolas as well as further excel these lines debut success from 2012.

The 2013 Villiger Talanga cigars feature the company’s signature simple yet enchanting double footer bands. Each band is bordered by gold, complimented by a white background. The company’s ornate red and gold crest takes center stage of the top band above the name, “Villiger” in gold, gothic type. The smaller band features the word “Talanga” in regal gold script. These colors create the ideal pairing with the stogies gorgeous, dark corona tone. No seams can be found and the vein exposure is close to non-existent. Thought to be Nicaraguan puros by many, the company's site reveals that thes fine stogies are encased in a finely aged Connecticut seed wrapper from Honduras. The spice and fruitiness of this wrapper are complimented by a habano seco binder from the Jalapa region of Nicaragua, while the fillers are also all Nicaraguan from the regions of Esteli, Ometepe, and Condega.

The Villiger Talanga cigars give off an aroma of tropical, dew covered grass. This notably delightful aroma is further enhanced during the cold draw and met with a fruity zest and a darker earthy profile. The pre-light draw was by no means restrictive, but provided just enough resistance. The stogie easily took hold of the lighters flame and instantly began offering a perfect burn line. The first third of the Villiger Talanga cigars sees an almost sweet and sour pineapple bite with a hint of creaminess added to the sweeter fruity notes. The fillers deliver a rich and powerful taste of earth and a spicy kick on the retrohale. It is as if one can taste and feel the richness and texture of the soil and forest regions where the leaf was grown.

Leading into the second third of this stogie, both the fruity zing and spice take a more secondary roll to the overall creamy, earthy richness. During the final third and end of these cigars the earthy taste all but fades away, while both the spice and sugary citrus tastes return to dominance. The creamy flavor note provides the ideal balancing profile to the bold spices. This is a medium bodied stick with a full strength. The Villiger Talanga cigars provide a price and craftsmanship impressive to all smokers, and a taste that would intrigue even the most experienced aficionado.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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