Origin:Switzerland                     Wrapper: Sumatra Natural and Brazilian Maduro

Filler: Natural Leaf Tobacco     Strength: Medium

Binder: Natural Leaf Tobacco

The Villiger Kiel has been around almost since the beginning of Villiger Cigars, now known as Villiger and Sons. The successful re-release of the Villiger Kiel Natural was followed by the release of the Villiger Kiel Maduro. They are both available in one size, 4 inch x 37 ring gauge.

Villiger Kiel CigarilloVilliger Cigars began in 1888 in the home of Jean and Louise Villiger. Jean was a bookkeeper at the time and with the encouragement of his wife, they started manufacturing cigars out of their Switzerland home. When Jean passed away in 1902, Louise took control of the company. She continued with the innovation that they were becoming known for. In 1907, upon the direction of Louise, they manufactured a new mouthpiece on the cigar. It was meant to help keep any loose tobacco out of the mouth. It was made out of goose quill and they named it Villiger Kiel. The cigar became popular and has since been the best selling cigar of its kind in Switzerland. 1910 was the year that Louise chose to expand Villiger Cigars past the Switzerland border and open up the first branch in Waldshut-Tiengen, Germany. This decision put Villiger on the map internationally for tobacco. It also helped in continued growth and expansion allowing the company to thrive through two world wars. It still remains in the family today with Heinrich Villiger as owner of the company in Germany, Switzerland and Indonesia.

The Villiger Kiel Natural has a pale brown Sumatra Natural wrapper. It is very smooth with very little oil to it. The taste is consistent throughout the entire smoke. It starts with a woodiness flavor with hints of black licorice. Into the second third, the black licorice is much stronger, with almost a mahogany flavor. It is during the final third that the flavors really build and intensify. The draw is perfect and the ash is a whitish gray color. The burn was even throughout and it produces a lot of aromatic smoke. Since these cigarillos are tipped there is no need for a cigar cutter prior to lighting one up.

The Maduro has a dark brown Brazilian Maduro wrapper. The first third is a bold, nutty flavor, with hints of chocolate and coffee. In the second third of the smoke, more of a nutty flavor comes through. The flavors of the chocolate and coffee are much stronger at this point as well. In the final third, the coffee flavor remains as the chocolate flavor backs off. There are more pepper and spice present towards the end. The flavors move seamlessly throughout the smoke, and it is mild enough for the beginner. The draw is easy and the burn is consistent, even to the end. The ash is dark gray in color, a little loose and it produces a lot of smoke.

This cigar has only gotten better with age. They have been touted as being the best machine rolled cigars on the market. Even cigar aficionados that prefer hand rolled cigars have given these a try and are overwhelmed with how consistent the flavors remain. Most would agree that keeping these in your humidor for a bit of time make them even more enjoyable. There is something to be said about a cigar manufacturer that has been around over 120 years, they strive for perfection and achieve it.


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POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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