Cigar: Villiger Export 

Origin: Switzerland                        Binder: Natural Leaf Tobacco

Filler: Natural Leaf Tobacco         Strength: Mild

Wrapper: Sumatra Natural or Brazilian Maduro 

Villiger Export CigarsThe Villiger Export is a square pressed cigar that is offered in only one size, 4 inch x 37 ring gauge. This cigar is dry cured, so you don't have to worry about the storage of this cigar as you do with typical cigars. It is available in two wrapper choices, either Sumatra Natural or the Brazilian Maduro. It is a short cigar, so it is one you can enjoy when you are short on time. The Villiger Export is on the milder side, so someone who smokes cigarettes regularly may enjoy this for a nice change. Someone who smokes cigars regularly would enjoy the milder taste, as well as the shorter smoking time. 

A cigar that is box-pressed or square-pressed, gets its shape by the cigars being pressed into the box. The pressure from the box gives the cigars its shape. This used to be used to solve a shipping issue and save on space in the boxes. This allowed more cigars to fit into the box. After time, people realized that the square-pressed or box-pressed cigar allowed the cigar to burn longer, in turn giving the cigar a more rich and flavorful smoke. 

The history of Villiger Cigars, now Villiger and Sons, began in 1888. The founders, Jean and Louise Villiger, began their cigar legacy out of their Switzerland home. After the passing of Jean Villiger in 1902, his wife, Louise continued the family business and opened its first branch across the border from Switzerland in southern Germany in 1910. Their sons Max and Hans Villiger took over the company after World War 1. It is still a family run business with Heinrich Villiger as the president of the company in Germany, Switzerland and Indonesia. 

The Villiger Export Natural has a Sumatra Natural wrapper that is a medium brown color. The construction is solid, and is a bit veiny and oily. It is filled with a Havana blend of natural leaf tobacco. The pre-light flavor is very peppery, with woody notes. The first third is more of a coffee flavor than the pepper and wood flavors noted in the pre-light draw. During the second third, the peppery flavor is stronger, along with some herbal notes in the background. The final third is still full flavored with peppery and woody notes. This cigar produces a fair amount of smoke, even for its shorter size. The burn was even unto the end, and the ash was a salt and pepper color. This would be considered a full flavor smoke that is more on the mild to medium bodied side. 

The Villiger Export Maduro uses the Brazilian Maduro wrapper that is a chocolate brown color. The cigar feels solid in its construction with minimal veins. The pre-light aroma is of nuts and a dark tobacco, due to the dark Maduro wrapper. The first third is a nutty flavor, with hints of coffee and cocoa. In the second third, the nutty flavor is still present, but the coffee and cocoa flavors are building and becoming stronger. In the final third, notes of pepper start to appear, along with the coffee flavor. There is a lot of spice that is present as well. The burn is even throughout and the ash is a dark gray color with a lot of smoke. This would be considered a bit stronger than the Natural, so this is likely to be preferred by someone that is a seasoned cigar aficionado. 


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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