Viaje White Label Cigar BundleThe release of the Viaje White Label Project cigar saw the same limited production that Andres Farkas and his company commonly allow for each of their line-ups. This unique company believes that by providing a smaller amount of each offering to its best customers, it will ensure that each and every one of their products will be a higher level of quality and uniformity. By creating no more than 150 boxes of each recipe, a number of fine line-ups have emerged from this dedication to excellence. Some include the Holiday Blend, Double Edge Sword, Skull and Bones, and the most recent, Viaje White Label Project cigar (also known as WLP).

There have been five separate releases for each of the distinct blends represented under this line-up. It began with the original WLP with a vitola of 5 5/8" x 46. Others are:

* WLP Candela with a vitola of 5" x 50

* WLP Fifty Fifty Red with a vitola of 6" x 48

* WLP Stuffed Turkey with a vitola of 5" x 60

* WLP Winter Classic with a vitola of 4 ½" x 48.

Every smoke in this collection comes in boxes of 25 and is uniquely wrapped in newspaper. The band has a clean white background with the word “Viaje” printed in black. A fine black line borders the top and bottom all the way around.

While its roots are Honduran, the wrapper, binder, and filler are all of Nicaraguan descent. Andres Farkas, the owner of WLP, stated that the Viaje White Label Project cigar was designed to test the mixtures of blends, the varied construction, and even to find mistakes that may occur within the factory. He emphasized that suggestions and feedback (whether good or bad) were important and highly welcome in order to continue creating exceptional products for their clientele. He stated that some experiments may not make it out of the factory, while others will move forward into the regular production process.

The Viaje White Label Project cigar was noted to be a medium bodied smoke with a variety of flavors throughout the journey. The wrapper is a rich brown hue with minimal veins. Reviewers have described it as feeling smooth and firmly packed in the hand. This stick sports a distinctive closed foot at the tip. Prior to lighting, reviewers said the stick gave off a sweet yet earthy scent. The first third was noted as having an abundance of spiciness and pepper seasoning. While the intense spice was said to carryon through the initial portion, some described a floral flavoring seeping through a bit near the end. The pepper and spice were decreased as smokers progressed into the middle third. Here, notes of leather and a mocha beverage emerged. Reviewers described it as sugary with hints of spice and wood starting to make their way to the forefront. In the final third of this smoke, the flavors were said to intensify with the strong pepper notes from the beginning coming back with force. The slight hints of coffee and sweetness were noticeable by reviewers as well. All who tried the Viaje White Label Project cigar said that it was flavorful and held strong throughout. It was said to have an even burn and gave a substantial amount of smoke.

While limited in production and distribution, this stogie brought in positive reviews by those lucky enough to experience it. Experimental or a factory mishap, Andre Farkas created a line-up that has aficionados wanting more. 

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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