Viaje Super Shot CigarsThe company that produces the Viaje Super Shot cigar is one that is considered a boutique producer. This means that there are only a few smokes made at a time for any given line of sticks. This allows the company to focus on the quality of the tobacco leaves, and not worry about mass production. This attention to detail makes this line one that is sure to please even those connoisseurs who may be difficult to impress.

The wrapper, binder, and filler for the Viaje Super Shot cigar all are derived from Nicaragua. This is an area that is well known for its impeccable tobacco fields, with quality soil and a preferred climate that come together to offer desirable results.

The name of this line came from the founder’s love of clay shooting, while the name of the company is Spanish for journey. The tobacco, the smokes, and the names given to them all give way to an adventurous theme. This is exactly why the company designed the Viaje Super Shot cigar. It is an interesting smoke, and the company warns that this may not be for novices, while adventurers and hunters are urged to partake of this unique tobacco stick.

The Viaje Super Shot cigar is available in two different vitolas; the 10 gauge and the 12 gauge. The 10 Gauge is 3 1/2 x 54 and the 12 Gauge is 3 1/4 x 52. These are extremely limited in quantity, as each authorized dealer only receives between one and two boxes of them at a time. This adds intrigue to the already mysterious shroud that surrounds this stick. The company does not offer any information about the blend, because that is a secret recipe. They only note that it is a Nicaraguan puro.

The exterior of the Viaje Super Shot cigar has veins that are visible and seams that can be easily detected as well. It is dark brown in color, with a wrapper that is somewhat oily. Reviewers were surprised to find that on the pre-light draw, what was first an extremely earthy taste mixed with a peppery flavor note, gave way to a nice, sweet note. Throughout the first-half of the smoke, the reviewers all remarked on the characteristic way that the heavy, peppery notes began strong, but then they faded away to allow the chocolate and coffee flavors to take over. The woodsy flavor was that of oak, and cream was also found toward the middle of the smoke. This profile continued to the nub, and finished with a harsher bit of pepper and leather, yet the nub did not heat up.

This is a smoke that is described as being as strong as they come, and full bodied from the beginning to the end. The flavors stay with the smoker long after it has been extinguished, and some reviewers said that they experienced a slight lightheadedness from the nicotine because of the smoke’s strength. While the burn was excellent, the reviewers all agreed this was not an extremely complex smoke, but rather one that is memorable and a definite must for anyone who enjoys full strength sticks.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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