Viaje Skull and Bones Cigars For Sale For the smoker looking for a super limited release offering, the Viaje Skull & Bones Mystery cigars are all that an enthusiast needs. When the company says limited, it really does mean limited, with only about 125 boxes of these fabulously popular smokes being manufactured. That being said, not a lot has been written about these rare cigars. However, those lucky enough to have previewed these amazing 4th in a series offerings had plenty of great things to say about them.

First, the smell is said to be amazing, with a robust smell of wood combined with just a hint of spicy deliciousness. Having a better smoke means enjoying every aspect of the experience and with these gems the smoker gets to enjoy every instant of the smoking pleasure. Rolling the unlit stogie between the fingers elicits firmness from the smoke that is not too tight and evenly packed. But what would someone expect from a manufacturer with such an outstanding reputation in the industry?

The reviewers have noted that the first third is a wonderful experience with wafts of solid gray smoke rising from the newly lit torpedo. Folks only have to hear the name to understand the superior quality of a Viaje Skull & Bones Mystery cigar. Smooth leather overtones insure an even experience with few veins and a rich, dark wrapper straight from Nicaragua. In Nicaragua, folks understand how to get the best tobacco from the rich soil. Each cigar is a true look at the customs and traditions of the best tobacco growers in the world.

The second third is no less impressive!

As the first third gives way to an impressive second third, the Viaje Skull & Bones Mystery cigars are still holding strong. Lightly rolling the lit stick between the fingers allows the full aroma of this full-bodied smoke to permeate the air. Enthusiasts enjoy the unique skull and cross bone ring around the top, showing everyone the class and superior tastes of the smoker. The second third allows the smoker to enjoy the robust spicy tobacco that can only be grown in the best soils of Nicaragua.

With the final third, this jewel is not giving up its excellence. In fact, some folks say the company saved the best for last. Hand-rolled tobacco leaves from Nicaragua were compiled to develop this one of a kind smoke. As impressive as the first third, the final third is an experience in and of itself. Deliciously rich smoke has been the gift for the enthusiast with an even burn that is firm and doesn’t drop a lot of ash. This Viaje Skull & Bones Mystery cigar is a true testament to time honored traditions.

As the Viaje Skull & Bones mystery cigars come to an end, the aficionados have enjoyed the deliciousness offered by these unique creations. Each hand-rolled smoke offers something special to the indulger. While the tobacco was grown in rich Nicaraguan soil, Honduras is where this mighty smoke was created, insuring excellence is preserved, and the smoker will appreciate the unique methods and traditions used in each wonderful stick. 

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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