Viaje Satori Boutique CigarsThe Viaje Satori cigar offers a mixture of contemplative serenity and South American spices. This line of boutique cigars is hand rolled and delivered from Nicaragua, its home country. These cigars wonderfully complex body sends the smoker onto a reflective journey, earning it the title of “Satori”, the Japanese word for “peace”. Since its release, this stogie has consistently been ranked among many enthusiasts as a top 10 product each year. The 2012 release has been dubbed the “Edicion Limitada”, and brings welcomed changes to this newly renowned line.

The Viaje Satori cigar is rolled in the very definition of a San Andres maduro wrapper. It gleams with the sugary oil of four year old tobacco. Reviewers state that this is such a fine maduro wrap that almost no veins and creases can be seen. The beautiful color is similar to a piece of fine dark chocolate. This wrap is complemented with a plus Nicaraguan binder and filler tobacco. This line has some familiar looking vitolas, but with a twist. What was box pressed and parejo in 2011 has been reversed for 2012. This year the Karma vitola is a box pressed robusto. The Nirvana is a box pressed toro, and the Zen is a traditional perfecto. The Karma measures 5x52, the Nirvana 6x50 and the Zen 6 3/4x52rg. These sizes may be similar, but offer a wide array of enjoyable differences, such as burn length and draw size.

Fresh out of the box, aficionados say that the Viaje Satori cigar fills the nostrils with freshly cut cedar and a basket of black cherries. The pre-light draw accentuates these notes and adds a subtle spice. Viaje uses a triple crown for maintenance-free puncturing our cutting. The mark of a quality product, it lights with ease, and only requires a regular butane lighter. The draw is desirably robust while comfortable. The first third does a lot with the cedar, cherry and spice notes. Black pepper and cedar are the dominant flavors, while the fruitier notes make up the background. The first third ends with the cherry taste, and takes on a citrus tone with mocha notes.

The beginning of the second third continues the parade of flavors. The taste of spiced, earthy mocha is the background to orange zest and a broth flavor. The taste of a winter feast continues into the final third, according to reviewers. However, the broth notes seem to be overpowered by the sugar of the maduro wrap and create a delightfully creamy taste for the final tokes. This taste is accompanied by strong hints of mocha and spice while the citrus jousts in the background. The vitolas and prestigious wrap create a burn speed which offers time for the flavors to fully develop. This Viaje Satori cigar is robust without becoming harsh. It consistently gives easy drags, while never becoming hot to the touch or toke. This Viaje does not flake apart when burning, and requires almost no maintenance to the burn line, according to aficionados. The ash is a dark salt and pepper color held together in a firm mass. The smoke rises in thick dancing plumes that define a robust stogie. The Viaje Satori cigar truly provides dinner, dessert and the peaceful conversation over coffee desired by enthusiasts.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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