Wrapper: Nicaraguan Corojo 99         Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan                                Strength: Medium

Sizes: Belicoso (6 x 52), Chiva (5 x 52), Lancero (7.5 x 38), Sueno (6x54)

Buy Viaje Platino Cigars OnlineViaje Platino cigars were graciously commissioned by the company's owner, Andre Farkas, in large numbers to satisfy the customers demand for these premium smokes. A Viaje Platino cigar is available in four different sizes. For its excellent construction and varied flavors, this stogie is receiving favorable reviews by aficionados.

These valuable additions to any humidor are hand-crafted in the Casa Fernandez factory in Nicaragua. The roll is so well executed that the Nicaraguan Corojo 99 wrapper appears to be virtually seamless. Two binders tightly pack in the Cuban-seeded long leaf filler that is also grown in the rich soil of Nicaragua. A triple cap adorns this masterpiece of construction while virtually no veins are visible upon inspection. Reviews found the overall construction to be of the highest quality, without hard spots and only rare soft spots presenting themselves along the length of the stogie.

The slightly darker than cafe brown wrapper is banded with a silver, winter white and green paper. Three tobacco leaves adorn the paper with the name prominently shown above in green lettering, etched in silver. On the Lancero, a nice silvery white band embraces the foot of the Viaje Platino cigars.

The flavor of a Viaje Platino cigar is reported to be fairly complex for a medium strength stogie. Reviewers have noted that the pre-light aroma is generally noted as being spicy with some earthy and cedar overtones. At the onset of the cold draw, a distinct coffee flavor is apparent. The first third tends to present coffee flavors, leathery notes, and highlights of spice and a touch of cedar. Overall, the impression of earthiness pervades the experience as the reviewers embark on their journey through this smoke. However, it recesses slightly into the background as the leathery flavor becomes more pronounced into the second third. There is a stronger presence of spice in the last third, but the leather picks up as well, which makes it a well-balanced advance. Minor notes of coffee and cocoa are also present at the end. Some have even noticed a mild honey taste mixed in here. Occasionally, an oat flavor seems to be present as well.

The smoke production tends toward a more voluminous expression in the Chiva size, while occasionally emerging in thinner lines in the Lancero. However, the Lancero was found to be very satisfying in its smoke production for those who reviewed it. The attention to detail in the construction of this piece pays off in a gray ash that holds on a long time. Some have reported an ash that held on all the way through the entire smoke!

The only complaint about these smokes is that they are difficult to obtain. Even though they are not as scarce as most of the other cigars produced under the Viaje label, most of the reviewers have commented about the difficulty they have in putting their hands on one of these beauties. This can only speak to their high demand. So, those who have had the honor to smoke one of these treasures can appreciate the rare opportunity that they have been afforded.

The Viaje Platino cigars live up to the connotation of their name by delivering a platinum experience. Both visually and in their complex earthy flavors, these smoking gems are an enjoyable indulgence.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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