Buy Viaje Oro Cigars Online!The Viaje Oro cigar comes in several sizes, so aficionados have some choices to make. This celebrated smoke is made with wonderful Nicaraguan fillers as well as the binder. It comes with either a Corojo or Criollo wrapper, depending on the stick. It was described as being very flavorful, with balanced notes which intensify through most of the stogie, but end slightly creamy. The reviewer felt that since it was not as heavy as some other options, but still offered flavor that was traditionally Nicaraguan, that it might be a good stogie for female smokers to try.

One female reviewer commented upon the corona Viaje Oro cigar and shared that the seams on the nicely rolled stogie were nearly invisible. The wrappers color was described as gorgeous, with reddish and dark brown colors. Using a guillotine cutter to clip the stogie led to a firm draw that was not plugged. Cinnamon and coffee flavors were introduced initially, but had a cedar note blend in later. She recommends this smooth, delicious stogie in the larger ring gauges.

Another reviewer commented on the perfection of the roll for the Viaje Oro cigar, with no soft or hard spots and a beautiful triple cap. Balanced flavors were noted here too, and a note of pepper was remarked upon. The burn was reviewed favorably, and this reviewer even commented on the non-wavering burn line, even in conditions that were windy. There was plenty of smoke noted in this medium to full-bodied stogie, and the reviewer indicated that even smokers who favor mild to medium bodied sticks would like these. Picking up more than a couple would leave the smoker with some to put aside in the humidor for later.

The Viaje Oro cigars garner a number of favorable reviews, even though it looks like this brand can be a little bit elusive, often producing only limited editions. One such production was only released with 100 boxes, making them a rarity at times. With limited access like that, it can seem like a bonus just to get a hold of one of the sticks to try. Since there are so few available, and they might not be around to choose at a later date, it can be all the more important to get some personal recommendations or find some reviews online. Since they do tend to be limited editions, the reviews may be harder to come by than those for some other sticks, so that is another important fact to keep in mind as well. With any release that is a limited edition, if the budget allows for it, the aficionado would be wise to stock up in an effort to enjoy them not only today, but in the future as well. Keeping these gems in a humidor is the perfect way to keep them fresh.

The Viaje Oro cigars have reviewers saying many good things about them. An aficionado who already knows he likes the offerings from this company would benefit by giving his local cigar shop a call to find out about availability. He can get some more suggestions or recommendations this way as well regarding other offerings that are similar.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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