Viaje Late Harvest Cigars were released in such limited quantities they were overlooked, but not any more! Viaje Late Harvest cigars were a new line released in 2011 in small batches, which meant the stogie stayed under the radar for a while. However, aficionados eventually found that it was one of the best blends revealed. The name of the stick refers to the tobacco cultivation processes, because the plants in this stogie are among the last picked during the growing season. Late cultivation means that the plants are exposed to more sun, which causes the leaves to produce more oils. This thickens the leaves and enhances the flavors of the blend.

The wrapper on the Viaje Late Harvest cigars is Nicaraguan, as are the binder and fillers, making this great smoke a puro. It is only available in two vitolas, including the LH-550 (5 x 50) and the LH-648 (6 x 48). The wrapper is chocolate brown and has a silky appearance. It is nearly free of veining and has good heft. The aged leaves give the stogie a uniquely strong feel. The band is large and features the brand logo in green and gold on a cream white background. Reviewers found the pre-light flavor combination to be extremely complex and well-realized. It consists of chocolate, cocoa, cinnamon and some nutty notes.

The first third of the Viaje Late Harvest cigars evokes many of the same flavors on the pre-light draw. The nutty and cinnamon notes are the most apparent, though some reviewers also detected some strong baker’s spices in the profile. The bakers spice quickly fades out, and shortly into the first third, a caramel sweetness shows up and becomes the dominant flavor. The cinnamon and nutty layers step into the background, giving the caramel center stage. By the end of the first third, the cinnamon notes transition to the baker’s spice originally present at the beginning of the stick. The caramel is also gone by the end of the first third, but the nutty notes are developed well at this point.

In the second third of the stogie, the spicy flavors remain, as does the nutty note. The baker’s spice remains in the foreground while the nutty taste sticks in the background. Aficionados also tasted a tart flavor that was difficult for them to describe. It wasn’t an unpleasant sour taste, but closer to a citrus tart.

During the final third of the Viaje Late Harvest cigars, some of the cocoa that was present in the pre-light shows up again. This time, it takes on more of a mocha flavor. Near the end of the final third, the baker’s spice ramps up in strength. Some reviewers found it to be rather intense, but it doesn’t detract from the smoking experience.

The body is medium to full, but the stick remains in a comfortable medium range in terms of strength. Its sweeter profile makes it ideal for novice enthusiasts, but reviewers believe the Viaje Late Harvest cigars are complex enough to appeal to aficionados too. The burn is good overall, though it does take a little touching up. The draw is excellent and remains true throughout.

This stick didn’t get the attention it deserved when it was first released, but enthusiasts are definitely noticing it now.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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