Viaje Fireworks CigarsJust in time for the fourth, Viaje Fireworks cigars were released as a limited edition to an awaiting audience. Known by its official name Roman Candle, the name is appropriate once the smoker sees the shape and size of the stick. The classic look utilized old school favorites when it comes to flavors. Reviewers enjoy the three hour experience and prefer a nice glass of cold water nearby to compliment the tobacco blend.

The Nicaraguan wrapper and binder wrap the Nicaraguan filler blend with precision and excellence. An attention for detail defined this stogie from the first look. The Roman Candle has a unique fuse worth noting. Instead of the end fuse being made of twisted wrapper, the Nicaraguan filler is twisted and pulled through the unique cap. The fuse is actually a part of the filler blend, making this a specialty design. The first look at this fine stick closely resembles its namesake.

An oily wrapper has some nice sized veins and a healthy dose of tooth with few imperfections. A strong consistency makes the cigar easy to appreciate. A quick whiff elicits a strong feeling of compost with a slight smell of aged cheese. Even the cold draw is favorable, with flavors of dark molasses coming from the Viaje Fireworks cigars.

With the detail given to the exterior appearance and special cap more akin to a Roman Candle fuse, the smoker can expect a rather exceptional burn. Only a couple of minor touchups were needed by reviewers trying this stogie. A maintenance free tobacco product is highly desirable because it allows for maximum enjoyment without any damaged clothing. Strong ash doesn’t fall prematurely, and the smoke is thick and fragrant with hints of molasses and the barnyard.

With a name like Viaje Fireworks cigars, one would expect a strong flavor burst of tobacco, but this is not the case with this stick. The first third offers flavors of creamy molasses and tobacco, transitioning smoothly to the second third with its introduction of a bit of spice and peppers. The complexity is not exceptionally high, making for a mild complexity that was highly favored by reviewers. The flavor profile stays steady from start to finish, with only a slight change in the spiciness.

The price is affordable when compared with other premium sticks. The complexity and flavor blend have ensured a favorite for aficionados. Viaje Fireworks cigars are an incredible addition to any personal humidor, allowing one to savor them later. They are stout and provide an even experience for any level of aficionado.

Viaje Fireworks cigars are highly favored by many, whether a novice or a long time aficionado. The manufacturer has a positive reputation for producing high quality premium stogies designed to please nearly any palate. Every hand-rolled stick is filled with Nicaraguan tobaccos hand-picked at the peak of ripeness. Unique techniques ensure the smoker will have a good time with the Roman Candle and its unique cap. The flavors are well-blended and offer consistency that is highly appreciated by all who have tried them.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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