Viaje Collectors Series Edition Cigar Is Known for Its Grand Slam FinishMany cigar enthusiasts enjoy the uniqueness of Viaje’s blends, and the Viaje Collectors Edition cigars were a welcomed release at the 2012 IPCPR. For those who do not know, Andre Farkas, President of Viaje Cigar Company, prides himself on creating unique, boutique blends in limited quantities. That is because he is of the belief that more does not equal better. On the contrary, the belief is that if there are limited quantities, it provides better quality control, and is able to maintain consistency with each stick, which is something that many people find is lacking in mass produced sticks. These can be priced slightly higher than mass manufactured smokes. However, once someone has tried a Viaje they understand the company’s desire to produce limited quantities, and provide the smoker with the best experience possible.

The Viaje Collectors Edition cigars are a premium example of those standards. There were only 200 boxes released, and this blend is only available in one size, 5x52.  The shape of the Viaje Collectors Edition cigars is a figurado. The blend is Nicaraguan, both for the binder and the filler. The wrapper is made of Nicaraguan Corojo 99 tobacco. They can be purchased in a box or individually.

The dark chocolate brown wrapper has a nice oily sheen to it. There are some veins present, but it does not distract from the overall appearance. Many people comment on how nice this stick looks. Construction of the Viaje Collectors Edition cigars is solid with only a slight give, allowing for a nice draw. This stick falls into the medium body category, and people who have reviewed it have agreed with that ranking.

The first-third of this smoke introduces flavors of sweet chocolate, some floral notes, spiciness of black pepper, and hints of leather, cedar, and earthiness. Upon the initial light-up, it is an intense smoke, but not a deterrent to seasoned aficionados.  The second-third ushers leather and spice flavoring to the forefront. The chocolate that is first noticed tends to ebb and flow during the second half. All together, the blending of flavors is complimentary.

The final third of this smoke is what many reviewers coined as the grand slam finish. The spice of black pepper and leather really ramp up in intensity, more so than during the initial first few puffs. Other flavors that were experienced during the initial portions have all but faded into the background. Only a slight chocolate flavor remains, but has a bit more dark chocolatey bitterness to it than sweetness.  The last part of this smoke is rounded out by the spice, leather, and a hint of a bitter chocolate.

Several reviewers commented how the burn line remained fairly straight, even for a figurado, and that the ash seemed to hang on well into the first-third. They also commented on how good the draw was on the Viaje Collectors Edition cigars.  Most agreed that this smoke was intense and a bit complex, though, the flavors that are experienced seem to blend really nicely together. This was said to be a very enjoyable smoke and one that many would recommend to their friends.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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