Viaje 5th Anniversary CigarsViaje 5th Anniversary Cigars are special stogies that were released to commemorate the company’s five year anniversary. This unique shop is a boutique company that focuses on smaller batches of sticks. The owner of the company, Andre Farkas, has created a special blend to mark this important achievement.

The anniversary box is all white in color and the company logo is attached. The package is also easily accessible, with a sliding top feature. Some reviewers noted that it had a “kitchen sink” appearance. The vitola is a box pressed perfecto with a white band. The wrapper, binder and filler are all of Nicaraguan descent, with an unknown tobacco that the company and owner keep under tight wraps. This product is not expected to be mass manufactured, and the company only released 7,500 of the limited access stogies. Speculation abounds as to whether or not anymore will be created in the near future.

Reviewers say that the aroma of the stogie before being lit is quite rich and filled with cinnamon and cedar tones. They also note a wonderful hint of chocolate. The appearance, per aficionados, is quite velvety with a milk chocolate tone. The wrapper also showcases small veins with some various mottling throughout the stogie. Dimensions for this cigar are at 61/4 x 52. The price is around $330 for 25 stogies. Aficionados noted that once lit, it was a bit wavy. Upon further use, the burn evened out quite nicely. Ash is gray in appearance and semi flaky which is most typical according to reviewers of the Viaje 5th Anniversary Cigars.

The first puffs noted by reviews give off a taste of wood, spice and grassy hay. The draw, according to some reviews, is ideal. Reviewers also note that the grass taste fades out as a delicious blend of nuts and oak become noticeable to the smoker. Pepper is also a flavor mentioned in many reviews of this special stogie. Overall, reviewers stated that this stogie was lighter in nature than the other Viaje brands.

The wood, spice and grass continue in the second third, and a note of dried fruit appears as well. The mildly sweet body of the Viaje 5th Anniversary Cigars is appreciated by most aficionados. The distinct pepper scent also returns as the stogie moves to a fuller strength. Some reviewers also note that more nuances may be observed after this stogie has time to age well.

Within the final third of the Viaje 5th Anniversary Cigars, saucy flavors take a backseat as a dry and woody sensation erupts. The burn rate slows down and the pepper aroma continues. The nub is soft to the touch, and the scent of mint and herbs is also prevalent towards the end. Keep in mind that this is considered to be a slow smoke of around two hours.

This unique stogie has been earning positive reviews across the board. It is a unique treat for any humidor, and because it is not clear how many will be available in the fitire, it would be wise to grab up the Viaje 5th Anniversary Cigars while they are still around.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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