Vega Fina Classic Cigar Reviews and InformationAficionados agree that Vega Fina Classic cigars are an extraordinary stogie at an unbeatable price. Each stogie is carefully handcrafted in the reputable Tabacalera de Garcia factory located within the Dominican Republic.  Originally, this Dominican favorite was only available in select European countries, but luckily for smokers, it found its way to the United States.

The cigar is available in eight popular sizes, so anyone can find their favorite at a local retailer. The Toro, Torpedo, Robusto, Churchill and Magnum are robust in size and offer a medium strength flavor. The Corona and Lonsdale are the perfect size for enjoying on the go or when relaxing with company. The Perla is small in size but big in flavor. Whether the smoker appreciates a large or petite stogie, these will always leave a lasting impression of affordable excellence. 

The filler is a uniquely blended recipe melding together the best of Honduran, Colombian, and Dominican leaves.  Each leaf is carefully sun-dried and aged to the peak of perfection providing this cigar with a mild to medium tobacco flavor highlighted with the slightest hints of nuts and woods. The natural flavor of the tobacco always takes center stage making this an authentic experience for the experienced aficionado.

Reviewers state that the hand-selected wrapper is nicely placed letting the Vega Fina Classic cigar to roll easily between the fingers. The Ecuadorian Connecticut shade wrapper is a good fit for the taste of the filler. There are no soft spots, and it is not too tight, so the smoker can easily enjoy the stick without worry of premature falling ash or the need to relight excessively. The wrapper is a mellow brown color giving it a natural appearance.

The binder is what really sets this cigar apart. The binder is a shade-grown, hand-picked combination from Indonesia. Indonesian tobaccos are world renown for their excellence in flavor, strength, and coloration. When combined with the filler and wrapper, the binder completes the picture on this pleasantly flavored cigar with solid construction and even strength.

Reviewers are raving about the price, stating that the cost is just right for purchasing one today. Of course, buy in bulk with a box of twenty. With the jump to the United States, more aficionados are grabbing up these fine smokes for their humidors. Availability is limited by location, and they are going quick. 

The Vega Fina Classic is often called a “connoisseur’s smoke” because of its true consistency, price, and availability. The unique blend of tobacco guarantees each of these handcrafted and sun ripened stogies will become a favorite in any humidor. 

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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