Serious Cigars in Houston, Texas can make personalized cigars for announcing a new baby.  The birth of a newborn is a joyous occasion and these personalized sticks can be passed out in the hospital waiting room, baby shower, office, or baby’s homecoming.  Serious Cigars can provide a keepsake stogie that can last a long time.  Let’s look at the way these stogies are created.

The laser engraving process has advanced and expanded through the years, and now includes cigars.  A high quality laser engraver is used to write a message on the body of the stick.  During the process, the wrapper and the tobacco inside are not affected.  The laser engraving technique can be thought of like using a pencil to sketch out a name on an object.  A high beam is admitted to create names and designs on the surface of the product.  A computer is generally used to control the intensity, direction and speed of movement of the laser.  This new laser technology can create amazing designs while causing no damage to the item.

Many parents are choosing to use personalized cigars for celebrating their new baby. Contact Serious Cigars to help you with the process and make a memorable gift to share.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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